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Dana Professorships

Dana Professorships

Dana Professorship Awards

The DANA Professorship at Ithaca College

In 1973 the Dana Foundation provided Ithaca College with an endowment to encourage and reward academic excellence. The Dana Professors are chosen for excellence in teaching and research, recognizing excellence among excellence. Thanks to the Charles A. Dana Foundation’s generosity and foresight, Dana Professorships are awarded to selected Ithaca College full professors who have demonstrated a continued record of excellence as well as a promise of outstanding future contributions in teaching, professional endeavor in their area of specialty, and service to college and community. Dana Professors serve as role models and mentors for faculty and students, freely sharing their leadership, expertise, advice and experience with the College’s community and others who seek it. Towards this end, the Dana Professors’ activities reflect positively on and enhance the College’s national and international reputation as a center for academic and artistic inquiry.

The terms of the Dana Professorship were renegotiated and approved by the Executive Committee of the Dana Foundation on February 2, 2016, allowing Ithaca College to alter the program from one based on life-time professorship appointments to five-year terms. While the selection committee will consist of one representative from each School, the award winners will be the best candidates in the pool in any given year, regardless of School. This is consistent with the Dana Foundation’s wishes. The College must still notify the foundation in advance of any new professorship appointment but will still “have complete freedom in the selection of the person named.”

Dana Professorships are awarded for five-year terms. Dana Professors may reapply for the award at the end of their term. Candidates must be full professors at the time of application and at any stage of their career, though the program actively encourages newly appointed full professors to apply. Candidates’ primary area of responsibility at the College must be teaching, with a minimum of six credits per semester.

Candidates must complete the submission process by the dates indicated. A committee consisting of one representative from each School (to be selected by the School’s own internal process) will review applications and make selections, subject to approval by the Provost. It is understood that the Provost will support the committee’s decision unless significant procedural irregularities emerge or the terms of the award have been changed by the Dana Foundation.

Members of the currently active selection committee and their relatives may not apply for the award while they serve on the committee. Relatives are persons related by blood, marriage, or legal procedure and include parents, children, husbands, wives, siblings, first cousins, and in-laws or "step" relatives, and any of the foregoing's uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandparents and grandchildren.

Faculty Council shall review the Dana selection process and relevant criteria for the awards every three years. Faculty Council reserves the right to alter the process and criteria, subject to approval by the Dana Foundation at that time.

Current Dana Professors

Michael Malpass, Anthropology (2008-)
Charles A. Dana Professor in the Social Sciences

Luke Keller, Physics and Astronomy (2016-2021)

Abraham Mulugetta, Finance and International Business (2016-2021)

Jean Hardwick, Biology (2017-2022)

Stephen Sweet, Sociology (2017-2022)

Scott Erickson, Marketing (2019-2024)

Keith Kaiser, Music Education (2019-2024)

Previous Dana Professors

Raquib Zaman, Business Administration (1987-2014, Dana Professor Emeritus)

Humanities /Arts:
Nancy Ramage, Art History (2001-2007; Dana Professor Emerita)
John Harcourt, English (1977-1985; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)

Michael Twomey, English (2007-2017)
Charles A. Dana Professor of Humanities/Arts

Natural Sciences /Mathematics:
Vicki Cameron, Biology (2003-09; Dana Professor Emerita)
Imre Tamas, Biology (1996-2002; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)
Robert F. Pasternack, Chemistry (1977-1983)

Social Sciences:
Joel Savishinsky, Anthropology (1997-2008; Dana Professor Emeritus)
Harvey Fireside, Politics (1977-1996; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)

Pamela Gearhart, Music (1977-1993; Dana Professor Emerita)

Dana Wilson, Music Theory, History, and Composition (1994-2016)
Charles A. Dana Professor of Music

The DANA Foundation at a glance

The Dana Foundation
505 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Current mission:

To support neuroscience by sharing knowledge; by publishing books, journals, an annual progress report about brain research, and a newsletter; by sponsoring the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives; by providing news releases to journalists; by sponsoring lectures, forums, workshops, and podcasts on neuroscience; by providing science and health grants to researchers and science teachers.

To support the arts and education by sponsoring lectures, forums, workshops, and podcasts on arts and education; by fostering professional development for teachers of performing arts in public schools; by providing free publications, books, and articles on arts education; by organizing conferences; by providing links to resources about arts education on its web page; by providing grants for curricular development in arts education.

Fast Facts:

Founded in 1950 by Charles A. Dana, New York State legislator and one-time president of the Dana Holding Corporation of Toledo, OH.

Provides major funding for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA.

Current chairman and president (2016) is Edward F. Rover.