Information for Faculty

Internal Grants and Funding

Internal Grants and Funding

The College offers several internal grants for faculty to assist in their continuing development as teachers and scholars.

Provost Office

Academic Challenge Funding
Awards for faculty-student teams (consisting of at least one faculty member and one student) involved in goal-oriented collaborative research, professional or creative activity.

Academic Mini-Grant Funding
Awards for faculty to further faculty research, professional or creative activity.

Ithaca Initiative Fund Application
This fund is intended to provide financial support for programming and activities that directly impact the recruitment and retention of groups that are under-represented and under-served in institutions of higher education.

Center for Faculty Excellence

Center for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD) Released Time
Released time for full-time, continuing faculty to pursue pedagogical, research, outreach ("service") and to write grant proposals that will be submitted to external sources.

Instructional Development Fund: Direct Course Enhancement
The fund intends to encourage faculty members to respond to specific academic needs at this institution by refining or updating teaching skills, cultivating expertise, or developing innovative instructional materials and resources that contribute to an improved and more current curriculum.

Instructional Development Fund: Diversity/International Projects
Applicants should keep in mind the institutional goals of IC to increase diversity programming and be aware of IC’s intention to improve our efforts in educating global citizens.

Summer Research Grants
This grant program is intended to support post-terminal degree scholarly endeavors.

Sponsored Research

REACHE & ACE Pilot Funding
To support the development of research and scholarly endeavors of IC faculty and staff members, particularly pilot and exploratory projects that hold the possibility of leading to substantial research programs suitable for support by external funding agencies.