Student Success Committee


In response to the current climate and coming challenges, in March 2016 the Provost Ben Rifkin commissioned a Student Success Committee to study current practices and policies, data and create a plan for creating a more sustainable campus population. The name of the committee was wisely shifted from that of prior committees, thus from the institutionally-centered focus on “retention” to the student-centered focus on success.

In July, 2016, the reporting line was transferred to Linda Petrosino, Interim Provost, and in August, 2016 amended to include Gerard Turbide, Vice President, Enrollment Management.

The Mission of the Student Success Committee

The mission of the Student Success Committee is to support the College’s mission and fiscal sustainability by using the College’s guiding principles to make recommendations that will improve student success, persistence and degree attainment.


The committee was deliberately constituted to include representatives from as many as possible of the divisions that impact student success. It convened in March 2016 and conducted weekly meetings and research through the beginning of May, 2017.

Brad Buchanan Associate Director, Recreational Sports
Mike Buck Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy, Acting Associate Dean, Health Science Human Performance
Cindy Clark Assistant Registrar for Student Services
Chrissy Guest Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Sciences
Sebastian Harenberg Assistant Professor, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Doreen Hettich-Atkins Coordinator of Special Services & Programs, Student Affairs-Campus Life
Lisa Hoskey Student Financial Services
Suki Montgomery Hall Assistant Director and Psychologist, Counseling, Health and Wellness (service ended 6/30/17)
Orlando Kittrell Director, Office of State Grants (service ended 5/23/17)
Nancy Law Director of Alumni Engagement
Vikki Levine Registrar
Kathy Lucas Assistant Dean for Student Services, Humanities and Sciences
Christina McMahon Case Manager, Student Affairs/Campus Life
Peggy McKernan Senior Research Analyst, Office of Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR)
Sihaya Moraleda HEOP & Academic Program Counselor, Office of State Grants
Yuko Mulugetta Chief Analytics Officer, Office of Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR)
Lynne Pierce Associate Director, Alumni Relations (Service ended 4/25/7)
Daniel Raymond Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
Leslie Reid Manager Student Accessibility Services (service began 4/15/17)
Erica Shockley Director, of First Year Experience
Ronald Trunzo Associate Director, Residential Life/Judicial Affairs
Tiffany Valentin CSTEP Project Coordinator, Office of State Grants
Bryan Roberts Associate Dean, Park School of Communications
Elizabeth Bleicher Associate Professor of English, Humanities and Sciences, Exploratory Program Director

Institutional Consultants

The Committee wishes to thank Rory Rothman and Dr. Roger Richardson for serving as consultants on issues of student affairs, mental health and wellness, diversity and inclusion.

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