Date: June 11, 2013

Issued By: Tim Ryan, Manager, Environmental Health & Safety

Reference: NYSDEC regulations (6NYCRR 217-3.2)

Policy Statement

In an effort to reduce vehicle emissions, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has instituted an idling prohibition for heavy-duty vehicles. In compliance with this prohibition, all operators (Ithaca College, contractors, and vendors) of “heavy-duty vehicles” propelled by diesel fueled and non-diesel fueled engines are prohibited from idling these vehicles for more than five (5) consecutive minutes when the vehicle is not in motion. A “heavy-duty vehicle” under this regulation is defined as a vehicle that has a weight exceeding 8,500 pounds and is designed for transporting persons or property. Owners and/or department supervisors with applicable vehicles must institute a program that advises drivers of this idling prohibition and ensure compliance with this policy.

Exceptions to this idling prohibition regulation include, but are not limited to: 1) A diesel or non-diesel fueled “heavy-duty vehicle” including a bus or truck that is forced to remain motionless because of traffic conditions over which the operator has no control; 2) A diesel or non-diesel fueled engine that is processing cargo; controlling cargo temperature; construction; or when the operator of the engine is required for the purpose of maintenance; 3) fire, police, and public utility trucks or other vehicles performing emergency services; 4) diesel fueled vehicle that is to remain motionless for a period exceeding two hours and during which period the ambient temperature is continuously below 25 degrees F.

Link to the NYSDEC Regulations