EH&S Team

The EH&S team consists of skilled, experienced professionals who specialize in fire detection and suppression systems, state and local building codes, occupational safety, and environmental health.


Michael Stone
Associate Director and Manager for EH&S, (607) 274-3757

As manager for the team, Mike is responsible for the management of all safety and environmental programs: fire prevention and occupational safety, safety training, accident prevention and investigation, hazardous materials and waste management, and spill response. He also oversees the completion of regulatory permits, reports, certifications, and investigations for campus facilities and operations.

Fire and Building Safety

Charlie Sherman
Fire and Building Safety Coordinator, (607) 274-3086

Charlie coordinates the daily operations of the EH&S team's fire safety services. He also conducts building inspections to ensure compliance with fire safety and New York State code requirements, performs operational tests of fire safety equipment, conducts fire drills, develops emergency response procedures, conducts student and employee fire safety training sessions, and responds to fire and medical emergencies. Charlie is registered with the State of New York as a certified code enforcement officer (CCEO).

Environmental Health and Safety

Mark V. Ross
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, (607) 274-1613

Mark administers programs to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations, coordinates hazardous waste programs, mitigates petroleum and hazardous material spills, provides consultation and training, and also performs environmental testing, monitoring, and investigations.

Fire Protection

Enoch Perkins
Fire Protection Specialist, (607) 274-7391

Enoch responds to fire and medical emergencies, maintains the College's fire protection system database, and conducts student fire safety training sessions and campus fire drills. He also performs tests, inspections, and maintenance on the campus fire detection and sprinkler system.  Enoch received training at the New York State Fire Academy in sprinkler system and fire extinguisher inspection, testing, and maintenance. Enoch is registered with the State of New York as a certified code enforcement officer (CCEO).

George Whitmore
Fire Protection Specialist, (607) 274-1846

George performs fire detection and sprinkler system tests, fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance, conducts fire drills, and responds to fire and medical emergencies.