Degree Evaluations

Degree Evaluations

Fall 2018, Third Registration with Degree Works:

Undergraduate students with a catalog year of 2016-2017 forward will utilize the Degree Works degree evaluation system. You can access Degree Works at and login with your NETPASS user name and password or via HomerConnect by clicking degree evaluation.

See How-To Videos below

Effective February 2018 all sub/waivers have been reapplied in Degree Works from HomerConnect. If you believe a sub/wavier has not been applied to your degree audit correctly please contact

Degree Evaluation: Graduate students and undergraduate students in catalog years 2015 and prior will access degree evaluation via HomerConnect by clicking degree evaluation.

STUDENTS BE PROACTIVE! Get the answers and determine YOUR options.

  • Make sure you are registering for courses that are needed for your major
  • Identify courses you still need to take
  • See how the courses you have taken apply, if you wish to declare a minor or change your major or double major
  • Verify that your catalog year and expected graduation date are correct
  • Make sure you have fulfilled all degree requirements

NEVER assume the degree evaluation is incorrect. If a course is being evaluated in an "unexpected" manner then investigate. Meet with your advisor. Make sure the necessary waiver substitutions have been filed via IC Workflow by your advisor. It's YOUR education, possibly even YOUR graduation that is at stake.

If you need technical assistance, please contact us at

If you have any concerns with the accuracy of an audit please contact

If you have questions about your degree audit, please contact us at