Mail Services

When your First-Class letters, periodicals/magazines and packages are received on campus by Mail Services, an E-mail notification will be sent to your Ithaca College E-mail account. During Fall 2020, mail and package deliveries will be made via a remote, truck-based 'mobile mailroom' solution. For hours of operation and other information, please see the Mail Services webpage.

Be sure to use the address guideline information listed by Mail Services as well.

Sending Packages to IC in advance of move in

IC Mail Services is accepting advance packages for residents (such as bed linens, large shipments being sent long distance from home to Ithaca, etc).  As long as packages arrive prior to December 18, 2020, college staff will work to place them in students' spring room assignments prior to move-in.  Any items received after that date will need to be picked up by students using the normal package delivery process.