Final Opportunity to Apply for Off Campus Approval

The Office of Residential Life has almost met the off-campus application target for 2014-2015. The office will approve a maximum of 50 more Off-campus Applications before the approval process for fall 2014 ends. Any applications received beyond the next group of 50, and any received after the end of the process, will be placed on an off-campus waiting list, and only approved if there is the need for an additional release later in the spring or summer.

To apply for off-campus, you must submit an application and quiz. You can complete the following two steps by going to /reslife/off_campus/apply_for_oc_status/:

  1. The on-line student application
  2. The off-campus module, “Putting the Pieces Together: Being a Responsible Member of the Ithaca Community,” Once the module is completed and you have entered your name and Ithaca College ID number, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to; each applicant must complete the module.

This is the last opportunity for any student wishing to live off-campus for the 2014-2015 academic year to apply to be off-campus. If you are studying abroad for the fall 2014 semester and want to live off campus when you return, you need to apply to live off campus now.

As always do not sign any off-campus lease agreement until you have received written off-campus approval from the Office of Residential Life. If you have any questions, please contact

Originally published in Intercom: Final Opportunity to Apply for Off Campus Approval