The following grants and awards are available:

James B. Pendleton Student Research and Production Grants
The James B. Pendleton Research and Production Grants are open to all full-time students enrolled in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College for completion of projects such as scholarly research, creative writing, and media production.

Grants for Cinema and Photography students:

James B. Pendleton Grants for Completion of Cinematic Works
The James B. Pendleton Filmmaking Awards are intended to make our strongest projects festival ready by providing funding for the costs of finishing to composite film print.

James B. Pendleton Photography Award for Project Completion
The James B. Pendleton Photography awards are intended to make our strongest photography exhibition ready by providing funding for the finishing costs of students' projects.

James B. Pendleton Grant for Festival and Conference Attendance
An ongoing initiative to encourage student participation in professional level events.

James B. Pendleton Award for Student Summer Internships
An award to supplement costs associated with carrying out a departmentally approved credit-bearing summer internship.