From their very first semester, students in our programs begin their work as makers of the still and moving image, receiving extensive hands-on experience with the tools and techniques of cinema and photography. Whether you are interested in telling a story, imparting information, or conducting an argument, our classes provide you with the necessary analytical, critical, and intellectual skills to be informed and effective image makers. Our goal is to produce graduates who are well prepared for work in their fields of specialization and who also have a sound command of the larger aesthetic, cultural, social, economic, and ethical dimensions of photographic media.

Project Grants and Funding Opportunities

Students in the department may apply for substantial grants and awards to help defray some of the costs of producing and exhibiting their films and portfolios. The department also helps support travel to academic conferences and film festivals so that students can interact with educators and professionals outside the Ithaca College community.

Beyond Ithaca: Internships and Off-Campus Study

The Ithaca College James B. Pendleton Center in Los Angeles provides a wealth of opportunities to gain professional experience. Our students can select from an extensive range of internship possibilities while continuing with their academic coursework. We also frequently offer classes that involve cinema and photography production abroad. For example, courses have been conducted in the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Antigua, and Italy.

The Department of Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts boasts a faculty of nationally and internationally recognized artists, media makers, and scholars. Many of our professors program events that allow our students to see cutting-edge films on campus, visit galleries throughout the Northeast, and interact with visiting artists from around the United States and the world.