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Entreprenurial Journalism

Entreprenurial JournalismEntreprenurial Journalism

During their time at Ithaca College, journalism majors must take two different special topics classes. These classes discuss the application of journalism within different subject matters such as race and ethnicity, international relations and independent media.

Kyla Pigoni ’13, an Honors student, Park Scholar and legal studies minor, signed up for the selected topics course Entrepreneurial Journalism—taught by Associate Professor Mead Loop—without knowing what the class would entail.

“I knew that entrepreneur was a word that floated around in the business world and was used to define individuals who start their own business,” Pigoni said. “I wasn’t quite sure how that related to journalism, but as usual, my curiosity got the best of me. I am interested in entering the corporate world, so I thought learning a bit of business would be a helpful skill.”

Pigoni utilized her love of all things Walt Disney to create a way for corporate media to enhance their own transparency.

“As someone whose eyes are set on a career with The Walt Disney Company, one of the worlds’ premiere media conglomerates, I wanted to try and dispel the critique about corporate media being biased due to their board members being involved with multiple companies,” Pigoni said.

The final project for Entrepenurial Journalism entailed the students creating a tangible product that developed a business side of the media industry. Pigoni created an Android and iPhone app with a simple interface for her project to allow users to view the board members of major media companies, such as The Walt Disney Company.

“By creating this app, it would enable the average media consumer to understand why a certain media group would cover something while another may choose to overlook it,” Pigoni said.

Before Entrepenurial Journalism, Pigoni planned on pursuing a career in print journalism. Now, Pigoni realizes that shifting paths, as she will be into the broadcast entertainment industry, is normal and accepted for journalists. This project led Pigoni to realize that the journalism skills she’s learned at the college will apply to any media job, so long as the student applies him or herself to the curricula.

“With strong communication, writing and interviewing skills, you can take any media job by storm,” Pigoni said.


Written by Alyssa C. Frey '14

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