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Where do I find Park School mini courses on Homer Connect?
Most mini courses in Park are listed under the subject "General Communications" and show up as GCOM electives.  Sometimes mini courses are also offered under Strategic Communications (STCM), but generally look under General Communications in the subject field in the Class Schedule or Registration (Add/Drop) pages. Park News (emailed weekly to all students) is a fantastic resource for information upcoming mini-course options.

How do I register for a Park School mini course?
Students can register for (or drop) a mini course through the day before the class begins.  Students go to the Registration section of Homer Connect and use the Add/Drop function to register for the course. When you add the class, you will get a message asking you to enter the start or end date for the course.  You must enter one or the other date before proceeding (or you will get an error message).

If something comes up and you can no longer attend the class, you must drop the course prior to the beginning of the course (no later than the day before) or you will receive an F.  Drop it the same as you would a normal class through Add/Drop on Homer Connect.

 I took a course to replace one that's listed as one of my degree requirements, but it's not showing up on my degree evaluation.  What's up with that?
When you take one course in place of another under advisement, in order for that class to fulfill your requirement you must complete a Waiver/Substitution form.  These forms are available to your adviser via Workflow. You can complete the Waiver/Substitution form once you register for the substitution class, but not before.  You do not have to wait until you complete the class.

Some of my friends in my major have different requirements than I do. Why?
When you come to Ithaca College, you are registered under the catalog term requirements of that academic year.  If you began as a first-year student in fall 2016, you are required to follow the requirements in the undergraduate catalog for that year (2016-2017).  Other students in your classes may have started in a different year or may have elected to change their catalog term.

What does "changing my catalog term" mean?
At times, departments will change the curriculum required to complete a major.  Those changes become effective under a certain catalog term (fall 17, for example).  A student is allowed to consider changing to the newer requirements if it is in his or her best interest to do so.  To change to new requirements the student would need to request the change through the Registrar's Office so that it becomes the official record.  Once the change has been made, the student may not go back to a previous term or requirements.  The new requirements will show up on the student's Degree Evaluation once the request has been processed.

How do I know what my catalog term is?
On Homer Connect you can view your catalog term on your Degree Evaluation.  It is located at the top on the right hand side.

I brought in Advance Placement credit for English Language or English Literature. What do I get credit for?
The score on your AP exam determines what course you will get credit for. For more information, click here.

My major is in the Park School, but I want to change it to a different one in the Park School. Can I do that?
Yes. All change of major requests are now made via Workflow.  Your academic adviser can walk you through that process.

My academic adviser is always talking about my “non-communication requirement”. What is this?
All students in Park School majors are required to complete 60 credits of course work that is taught outside of the Park School. In other words, the 60 credits cannot include any course number prefix of CMD, CNPH, GCOM, JOUR, STCM or TVR. Credits must consist of courses that are taken in other schools at Ithaca College (Humanities and Sciences, Music, Health Science and Human Performance, Business, Division of Interdisciplinary and International Study). The area on your Degree Evaluation called “Non-Communications Requirement (60.00 credits)” will keep track of your course work and the number of credits you earn. It is a student's responsibility to keep on track.

How do I know when the courses I need will be offered?
Each course offered at Ithaca College has a course description in the Course Catalog (found on Homer Connect). Each course description includes a designation of when a course is planned to be offered. For example:
TVR 31200 – Government and Media
Provides an understanding of the policy-making process used to formulate various regulations that govern the media. The role of relevant policy-making bodies, such as Congress, the courts, Federal Communications Commission, and lobby groups, are discussed. Specific regulation concerning the First Amendment, obscenity, libel, privacy, copyright, commercial speech, access to information, antitrust, etc., are also examined. A major research paper on a relevant media regulation topic is required. Prerequisites: TVR 12100; a level-2 television-radio course; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S)

At the end of the description is the indicator “(F-S)”. This means that the course is offered fall and spring semesters. All codes: F = fall, S = spring, IRR = irregularly, Y – yearly, Sum = summer, E = even academic years (e.g. 2006-2007), O = odd academic years (e.g. 2007-2008). Always be sure to also check with your academic adviser as course offerings may change.

I need a form to be signed by the Dean. Do I need to make an appointment?
Generally, most forms that require a dean’s signature will be reviewed and signed by an Associate Dean. You may leave your form at the front desk of the Dean’s Office and an Associate Dean will review it. If there are any issues regarding the approval of your request, you will be contacted. Otherwise, when your form is approved and signed, it will be sent to the appropriate destination for further processing.

When do I get to register for next semester's classes?
Each semester Registration Access Dates are set by the Registrar's Office.  Students are granted access based on the number of credits he or she has earned.  Earned credits do not include the credits the student is taking in that semester. The more earned credits a student has, the earlier they will be granted access to register.

Can I take a class pass/fail?
Yes and no. The option is technically called S/D/F (satisfactory/D/Fail), so this is what you’d want to ask for – permission to take a class S/D/F. The phrase pass/fail is reserved for courses that are strictly graded as a pass or fail class (such as internships).

The S/D/F option means that if you receive a grade above D+ you would receive a grade of S for satisfactory work, if your grade was D+, D or D- you would receive that actual grade, and if you failed the course you would receive an F. Grades of D+, D, D- or F would be calculated in your GPA. You are allowed to take 4 classes S/D/F, and you are only allowed to take one in any semester.

In the Park School, you must be aware that you cannot take any Park School course or any course that is required for your major as S/D/F. The course must strictly be an open elective or fall into your Non-communication coursework. If you have any question as to whether a class qualifies, please ask.

You may revoke your S/D/F option and receive a letter grade up until the deadline. The deadline is generally after midterm grades have been posted.

Can I take more than 18 credits?
Yes, you can. However you will need to apply for permission to do so and you will be billed for the additional credit(s). In order be allowed to register for more than 18 credits, you must apply by completing a Part Time/Over 18 Enrollment Form. This form must be signed by you, your advisor, the Financial Aid Office and then submitted to the Dean’s Office for final review.

I want to take courses at another college and transfer them to IC. How do I do this?
You must first obtain a Petition for Transfer Credit Form from the Registrar’s Office. You will need the name of the college and the course description for the class. The form must be approved by your adviser, the department where the course would belong if it were an IC course and the Dean’s Office. (For example, if the course was an accounting course, you would need the accounting department’s chairperson to approve it.) You should complete this paperwork before you register for the course. You must also make sure that you have your official transcript sent to our Registrar’s Office from the college where you take the course.

What does Liberal Arts mean?
According to Encyclopedia Britannica, liberal arts means “college or university curriculum aimed at imparting general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities in contrast to a professional, vocational, or technical curriculum…In modern colleges and universities the liberal arts include the study of literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, and science as the basis of a general, or liberal, education.” Course work that does not fit this description is generally considered “non-liberal arts”.. (2009). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved November 02, 2009, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online: (liberal arts

Can I declare two majors in the Park School?
No. Students may enroll in only one major within the Park School of Communications.

When should I meet with my academic adviser to talk about registration?
Each semester has a designated registration advisement period. Generally it begins a two weeks before access to registration is granted and lasts through the week of advance registration. Academic advisers will have a schedule posted outside their offices and you will be expected to sign up for an appointment. You should feel free to make an appointment to speak with your academic adviser throughout the rest of the semester as well.

My expected graduation date is wrong. How do I correct it?
If your expected graduation date is scheduled for the next few semesters, you should complete the online Application for Degree. This gets processed by the Registrar’s Office and any change of date will be made at that time. If your expected graduation date is a year or two away and it is incorrect on the system, you should send an email from your Ithaca College email account to Be sure to include your student ID when corresponding with the Registrar’s Office.

I’m graduating in December. Which Commencement ceremony should I attend?
December graduates are expected to attend the following May’s Commencement ceremony. If you are a December graduate, your name will appear in the following May’s Commencement Program – it will not appear in the previous May’s Program. You may walk in either ceremony, but if you do participate in the previous May’s ceremony, please explain to your parents that your name will not be in that particular official Program. If you have more questions about December graduation, please consult the Registrar’s Office.


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