The Executive Board

The Executive Board of Student Governance Council serves to ensure purpose of SGC is carried out by running meetings and keeping SGC organized. The Executive Board is comprised of the President, four Vice Presidents, Senate Chair, Chief of Staff, and some non-voting members who report from other organizations at Ithaca College.


All Executive Board Members shall:

  1. Attend SGC Meetings.
  2. Keep informed on SGC business.
  3. See that the purpose of SGC is carried out.
  4. Vote on initiatives that directly relate to their respective committees in general body meetings.
  5. Coordinate an SGC Training Workshop at the beginning of each academic year, that thoroughly addresses Parliamentary Procedure, the bill writing process, senate responsibilities, and the Constitution.
  6. Recommend candidates to fill senate vacancies in SGC.

Meet the Executive Board

NOTE: Ex-Officio (EO) Members are a part of the Executive Board of Student Governance Council. but do not hold any voting power.