Student Governance Council works on initiatives all throughout the year, in order to make the voices of the students heard, and make a positive difference at Ithaca College. Here are some initiatives we're working on now, and some initiatives from the past.

2021-2022 Initiatives

Employee Vaccination Recommendation

Bill ID: 2122-0001

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Weiser, Madeya, Becca Emery, Sara Ostermeier

Description: Bill 2122-0001 recommends that Ithaca College make it mandatory for employees of the college to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

Outcome: The Vice President of Human Resources and Planning on behalf of the Senior Leadership Team declined to implement the recommendation and the college will leave current COVID vaccination and testing policies in place, which includes mandatory testing for unvaccinated employees and incentivizing vaccination.

Varsity Athlete Senator Position Clarification

Bill ID: 2122-0002

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: The Organizational Review Committee

Description: Bill 2122-0002 aims to clarify procedures for the SGC Varsity Athlete Senator process to align with that of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council.

Outcome: The amendment was made to the SGC Constitution.

Hybrid Model

Bill ID: 2122-0003

Status: Drafting | Drafted | *Tabled* | Resolved

Sponsors: Paloma LaValley, Grace Madeya

Description: Coming soon...

Improving Campus Lighting

Bill ID: 2122-0004

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Lila Weiser, Nick Viggiani, Stella Campodonico, Jimmy Johnson, Colin McCarthy, Matthew McNulty

Description: Coming soon...

Outcome: The bill was sent to and implmented by Tim Carey, Associate Vice President of Facilities.  More than eighty light fixtures were repaired or replaced, primarily with LED-type lights which have longer life with higher levels of lighting.  More fixtures will be fixed once the ground thaws in the Spring allowing access to underground infrastructure.

Allocations Handbook Amendment

Bill ID: 2122-0005

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Maxwell Powers

Description: Coming soon...

Outcome: The change was implemented.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms in All Academic Buildings

Bill ID: 2122-0006

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Tessa Kurtz, Lila Weiser, Maxwell Powers, and Luca Maurer

Description: This bill recommends that the Office of Facilities implement at least one Gender-Neutral bathroom in every academic building by the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.

New SGC Constitution

Bill ID: N/A

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: The Organizational Review Committee

Description: The Organizational Review Committee has created a new recommended SGC Constitution after a yearlong review of current legislation and procedures.

Outcome: The new SGC Constitution was instated.

Historical Initiatives

Historical Initiatives are currently being worked on by the SGC Website Manager and SGC Historian.  Any inquiries can be sent to the Chief of Staff, at sgcchiefofstaff@ithaca.edu.

2021-0001: Rent College Pads Recommendation

2021-0002: Fall 2020 Tuition Transparency Request

2021-0003: 60 Calendar Day Title IX Recommendation

2021-0004: Constitutional Resignation Policy Amendment

2021-0005: SGC Elections GPA Requirement Modification

2021-0006: Excused Absence for Poll Workers Recommendation

2021-0007: The 2020 Ithaca College Voting Act

2021-0008: Appropriations Travel Registration Fees Resolution

2021-0009: Mental Health Days Recommendation [Resolved]

2021-0010: Appropriations Prize and Merchandise Funding Resolution

2021-0011: Dean’s Student Council Recommendation

2021-0012: Academic Policy Committee Requirement Amendment

2021-0013: Appropriations Two Week Rule Resolution

2021-0014: Health & Safety Officer Requirement and Compliance to Health/Community Guidelines Amendment

2021-0015: Social Justice and Sustainability Committee Amendment

2021-0016: Addition of Community Agreement Reporting Form to all Academic Syllabi Recommendation

2021-0017: 2020 Ithaca College Meeting Procedures Act

2021-0018: Reasons for Vacancies Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0019: Organizational Review Timing Amendment

2021-0020: Club and Organizations Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0021: Holiday Accommodation Policy Recommendation

2021-0022: Senate Chair Qualifications and Selection Process Updates Amendment

2021-0023: Documents Procedure Update Amendment

2021-0024: Executive Board Bill Sponsorship Amendment

2021-0025: Constitution Meeting Procedures Clarification Amendment

2021-0026: SGC Meeting Community Session Amendment

2021-0027: Meeting Procedure Adjournment Clarification Amendment

2021-0028: Basic Needs Statement Recommendation

2021-0029: 2021 Ithaca College Financial Transparency Recommendation

2021-0030: No Confidence in Shape of the College Recommendation

2021-0031: Election Day Holiday Act

2021-0032: SGC Website Manual

2021-0033: SGC Website Upkeep Amendment

2021-0034: Appropriations Prize Amendment

2021-0035: Executive Session Amendment

2021-0036: SGC Elections Act

2021-0037: Student Organization Bill Sponsorship Amendment

2021-0038: Executive Board Attendance Policy Amendment

2021-0039: Student Organization Elections Endorsements Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0040: Allocation Handbook Amendment

2021-0041: Ithaca College Green New Deal

2021-0042: Meeting Vote Eligibility Amendment

2021-0043: Bill Follow-Up Timeline Amendment

2021-0044: Confirmations Calendar Amendment

2021-0045: Allocation Handbook Amendment

1920-xxxx: Reinstitution of Late Night Dining

*More In Progress*

*In Progress*

1718-0003Article XIII Reform

1718-0003: Carbon Monoxide

1718-xxxxRemoval and Review of Article VIII

1718-xxxx: Humanities and Sciences Committee

1718-xxxxThe Health Professional Connection Shadowing  Program

1718-xxxx: Amendments to Appropriations Handbook 

1617-0001: Change SGA Name to SGC

1617-0002: Alternative Coffee Bill

1617-0004: Sanctuary Bill

1617-0006: Bill Structure Reform

1617-0007: Allocations Committee Reform

1617-0008: International Student Support

1617-0009: Allocations Committee Reform II

1617-0011: Menstrual Products Bill

1617-0012: ICC Theme Consolidation Bill

1617-0014: CAPS Initiative

1617-0015: Plastic Bag Replacement

1617-0016: Turf Yavits Field

*In Progress*

1415-0001: HSHP Campaign Against Microagressions

1415-0002: Sport Studies Major Reinstatement and Relocation

1415-0003: Affiliated Study Abroad Options

1415-0004: Pro-Semester Dining Hall Options

1415-0005: Room/Apartment Condition Report

1415-0006: Quorum Amendment

1415-0007: Sabbatical Leave Policy

1415-0008: Satisfactory/D/Fail Policy

1415-0009: Circles Community Center ATM

1415-0010: Student Evaluations Transcribing

1415-0011: Amendment Time Limit

1415-0012: Responsibly Clean Campus

1415-0013: Single-Use Plastic Reduction and Environmental Bill

1415-0014: Environmental and Animal Protection from Plastic Bill

1415-0015: Outdoor Lighting- - Safety and Environmentalism Bill

1415-0016: Ithaca College Printing Policy

1415-0017: Park School of Communications Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0018: Club Sports Advisory Committee Proposal

1415-0019: School of Business Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0020: School of Music Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0021: School of Humanities and Sciences Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0022: Hallal Food Station

1415-0023: Friend's Hall Urinal Divider

1415-0024: Gender Neutral Housing Option

1415-0025: LGBTQ Studies Minor

1415-0026: Cars on Terrace Walkways

1415-0027: Public Safety Dashboard Cameras & Body Cameras

1415-0028: Review of Campus Climate Survey Process

*In Progress*

1213-0001: New Media Policy Repeal

1213-0002: Pro-Rated First Year Student Parking

1213-0003: H.O.M.E Program Resolution

1213-0004: Know Your Rights

1213-0005: Student Outreach Recommendation

1213-0006: Logo Redesign Bill

1213-0007: Parking Restructuring Bill

1213-0008: Community Service Requirement

1213-0009: Student Activities Fund Relief Recommendation

1213-0010: Trashcan Additions

1213-0011: Staircase Replacement

1213-0012: Friend's Hall Urinal Divider

1213-0013: Diversity and Social Justice Recommendation

1213-0014: Smoking Policy

1213-0015: Transfer Housing Program Extension

1213-0016: Study Abroad Policy Recommendation

1213-0018: SGA Staff Member of the Year Award

1112-0001: SGA IC 20/20 Task Forces

1112-0002: Off-Campus NYS Good Samaritan Law Funding

1112-0008: Org Event Attendance Policy

1112-0009: Conscience And Awareness

1112-0012: Appropriations Committee

2122-0001: Employee Vaccination Recommendation

2122-0002: Varsity Athlete Senator Position Clarification

2122-0004: Improving Campus Lighting

2122-0005: Allocations Handbook Amendment

2122-0006: Gender Neutral Bathrooms in All Academic Buildings