Student Governance Council works on initiatives all throughout the year, in order to make the voices of the students heard, and make a positive difference at Ithaca College. Here are some initiatives we're working on now, and some initiatives from the past.

Historical Initiatives

2324-0001: VP of Residential Affairs Executive Board Establishment

2324-0002: Senator Involvement Designation

2223-0001: Code of Conduct Amendment

2223-0002: Addition of Representative Seats Amendment

2223-0003: Executive Board Restructure 

2223-0004: RHA/SGC Merger Proposal

2122-0001: Employee Vaccination Recommendation

2122-0002: Varsity Athlete Senator Position Clarification

2122-0003: Hybrid Model [Tabled]

2122-0004: Improving Campus Lighting

2122-0005: Allocations Handbook Amendment

2122-0006: Gender Neutral Bathrooms in All Academic Buildings

2021-0001: Rent College Pads Recommendation

2021-0002: Fall 2020 Tuition Transparency Request

2021-0003: 60 Calendar Day Title IX Recommendation

2021-0004: Constitutional Resignation Policy Amendment

2021-0005: SGC Elections GPA Requirement Modification

2021-0006: Excused Absence for Poll Workers Recommendation

2021-0007: The 2020 Ithaca College Voting Act

2021-0008: Appropriations Travel Registration Fees Resolution

2021-0009: Mental Health Days Recommendation [Resolved]

2021-0010: Appropriations Prize and Merchandise Funding Resolution

2021-0011: Dean’s Student Council Recommendation

2021-0012: Academic Policy Committee Requirement Amendment

2021-0013: Appropriations Two Week Rule Resolution

2021-0014: Health & Safety Officer Requirement and Compliance to Health/Community Guidelines Amendment

2021-0015: Social Justice and Sustainability Committee Amendment

2021-0016: Addition of Community Agreement Reporting Form to all Academic Syllabi Recommendation

2021-0017: 2020 Ithaca College Meeting Procedures Act

2021-0018: Reasons for Vacancies Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0019: Organizational Review Timing Amendment

2021-0020: Club and Organizations Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0021: Holiday Accommodation Policy Recommendation

2021-0022: Senate Chair Qualifications and Selection Process Updates Amendment

2021-0023: Documents Procedure Update Amendment

2021-0024: Executive Board Bill Sponsorship Amendment

2021-0025: Constitution Meeting Procedures Clarification Amendment

2021-0026: SGC Meeting Community Session Amendment

2021-0027: Meeting Procedure Adjournment Clarification Amendment

2021-0028: Basic Needs Statement Recommendation

2021-0029: 2021 Ithaca College Financial Transparency Recommendation

2021-0030: No Confidence in Shape of the College Recommendation

2021-0031: Election Day Holiday Act

2021-0032: SGC Website Manual

2021-0033: SGC Website Upkeep Amendment

2021-0034: Appropriations Prize Amendment

2021-0035: Executive Session Amendment

2021-0036: SGC Elections Act

2021-0037: Student Organization Bill Sponsorship Amendment

2021-0038: Executive Board Attendance Policy Amendment

2021-0039: Student Organization Elections Endorsements Amendment [Tabled]

2021-0040: Allocation Handbook Amendment

2021-0041: Ithaca College Green New Deal

2021-0042: Meeting Vote Eligibility Amendment

2021-0043: Bill Follow-Up Timeline Amendment

2021-0044: Confirmations Calendar Amendment

2021-0045: Allocation Handbook Amendment

1920-xxxx: Reinstitution of Late Night Dining

*More In Progress*

*In Progress*

1718-0003: Article XIII Reform

1718-0003: Carbon Monoxide

1718-xxxx: Removal and Review of Article VIII

1718-xxxx: Humanities and Sciences Committee

1718-xxxx: The Health Professional Connection Shadowing  Program

1718-xxxx: Amendments to Appropriations Handbook 

1617-0001: Change SGA Name to SGC

1617-0002: Alternative Coffee Bill

1617-0004: Sanctuary Bill

1617-0006: Bill Structure Reform

1617-0007: Allocations Committee Reform

1617-0008: International Student Support

1617-0009: Allocations Committee Reform II

1617-0011: Menstrual Products Bill

1617-0012: ICC Theme Consolidation Bill

1617-0014: CAPS Initiative

1617-0015: Plastic Bag Replacement

1617-0016: Turf Yavits Field

*In Progress*

1415-0001: HSHP Campaign Against Microagressions

1415-0002: Sport Studies Major Reinstatement and Relocation

1415-0003: Affiliated Study Abroad Options

1415-0004: Pro-Semester Dining Hall Options

1415-0005: Room/Apartment Condition Report

1415-0006: Quorum Amendment

1415-0007: Sabbatical Leave Policy

1415-0008: Satisfactory/D/Fail Policy

1415-0009: Circles Community Center ATM

1415-0010: Student Evaluations Transcribing

1415-0011: Amendment Time Limit

1415-0012: Responsibly Clean Campus

1415-0013: Single-Use Plastic Reduction and Environmental Bill

1415-0014: Environmental and Animal Protection from Plastic Bill

1415-0015: Outdoor Lighting- - Safety and Environmentalism Bill

1415-0016: Ithaca College Printing Policy

1415-0017: Park School of Communications Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0018: Club Sports Advisory Committee Proposal

1415-0019: School of Business Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0020: School of Music Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0021: School of Humanities and Sciences Campaign Against Microaggressions

1415-0022: Hallal Food Station

1415-0023: Friend's Hall Urinal Divider

1415-0024: Gender Neutral Housing Option

1415-0025: LGBTQ Studies Minor

1415-0026: Cars on Terrace Walkways

1415-0027: Public Safety Dashboard Cameras & Body Cameras

1415-0028: Review of Campus Climate Survey Process

*In Progress*

1213-0001: New Media Policy Repeal

1213-0002: Pro-Rated First Year Student Parking

1213-0003: H.O.M.E Program Resolution

1213-0004: Know Your Rights

1213-0005: Student Outreach Recommendation

1213-0006: Logo Redesign Bill

1213-0007: Parking Restructuring Bill

1213-0008: Community Service Requirement

1213-0009: Student Activities Fund Relief Recommendation

1213-0010: Trashcan Additions

1213-0011: Staircase Replacement

1213-0012: Friend's Hall Urinal Divider

1213-0013: Diversity and Social Justice Recommendation

1213-0014: Smoking Policy

1213-0015: Transfer Housing Program Extension

1213-0016: Study Abroad Policy Recommendation

1213-0018: SGA Staff Member of the Year Award

1112-0001: SGA IC 20/20 Task Forces

1112-0002: Off-Campus NYS Good Samaritan Law Funding

1112-0008: Org Event Attendance Policy

1112-0009: Conscience And Awareness

1112-0012: Appropriations Committee