Student Governance Council works on initiatives all throughout the year, in order to make the voices of the students heard, and make a positive difference at Ithaca College. Here are some initiatives we're working on now, and some initiatives from the past.

2020-2021 Initiatives

Appropriations Prize and Merchandise Funding Resolution

Bill ID: 2021-0010

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Maxwell Powers, Austin Ruffino

Co-Sponsors: Grace Madeya, Armani Sampat, Leticia Guibunda, Nate Helsing, Mely Megahed

Description: This Resolution Bill will amend the Allocation Handbook for the 2020-2021 Academic School Year to allow student organizations to purchase merchandise for their members and prizes for events they are hosting.

Mental Health Days Recommendation

Bill ID: 2021-0009

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Jasmine Morrow

Description: Coming soon...

Appropriations Travel Registration Fees Resolution

Bill ID: 2021-0008

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Maxwell Powers

Co-Sponsors: Grace Madeya, Austin Ruffino

Description: This resolution will change the Allocations handbook in order to allow SGC to fund registration fees.

The 2020 Ithaca College Voting Act

Bill ID: 2021-0007

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Agnes Scotti, Jordan Wiener, Weiser

Co-Sponsors: Maxwell Powers, Connor Shea, Elliott Weil, Tommy Socolof, Grey Peckham, Matthew Clement, Maddie Koury, Alexandria Renna, Kelly Campbell, Liza Dhameeth, Ithacapella, IC Voicestream, IC Second Stage, IC Votes

Description: This recommendation requests Ithaca College offer an Optional Excused Absence day on November 3rd, 2020 (Election Day) for those voting or who have voted in the 2020 General Election. Ithaca College should explicitly announce this new policy to the campus community to ensure students understand this temporary change.

Excused Absence for Poll Workers Recommendation

Bill ID: 2021-0006

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Lila Weiser

Co-Sponsors: Austin Ruffino, Maxwell Powers, Abigail Murtha

Description: This recommendation requests Ithaca College count working the polls on November 3rd, 2020 an excusable absence for Ithaca College students. Ithaca College should explicitly announce this new policy to the campus community to ensure students understand this temporary change.

SGC Elections GPA Requirement Modification

Bill ID: 2021-0005

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Austin Ruffino

Co-Sponsors: Soumyaa Joshi, Abigail Murtha, Connor Shea

Help From: Grace Madeya

Description: This amendment serves to remove the 2.50 GPA requirement for any students seeking candidacy on Student Governance Council through Elections.

Outcome: The SGC Elections Act was amended with the outlined changes.

Constitutional Resignation Policy Amendment

Bill ID: 2021-0004

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Austin Ruffino

Co-Sponsors: Grace Madeya

Description: This Amendment to the Constitution serves to outline a clear process for the resignation of Senators and Executive Board Members from SGC.

Outcome: The SGC Constitution was amended with the outlined changes.

60 Calendar Day Title IX Recommendation

Bill ID: 2021-0003

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Jasmine Morrow

Co-Sponsors: Abigail Murtha

Description: This bill recommends administration to maintain and establish a time limit of sixty calendar days for the completion of sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination cases, with exceptions only for substantial extenuating circumstances.​ Such circumstances would be determined by the school and evaluated on a case to case basis; these circumstances include but are not limited to, the need to review an overwhelming amount of evidence, if more than one incident occurred between the same complainant and respondent and so on.

Outcome: In conjunction with the Title IX office, senator Jasmine Morrow, found that Ithaca College was already in compliance of the case maximum, as outlined in 2.1.5 of the Sexual Misconduct Policy Manual.

Fall 2020 Tuition Transparency Request

Bill ID: 2021-0002

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Austin Ruffino

Co-Sponsors: Abigail Murtha, Antara Sen

Description: This Recommendation Bill serves to request tuition transparency from Ithaca College for the Fall 2020 semester, as tuition is not being discounted, despite a fully online semester.

Rent College Pads Recommendation

Bill ID: 2021-0001

Status: Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Resolved

Sponsors: Austin Ruffino, Maxwell Powers

Co-Sponsors: Connor Shea

Help From: Ryan Ingerson

Description: This Recommendation Bill serves as a recommendation to the college to enter into a partnership with the company "Rent College Pads" in order to create a centralized website and app where Ithaca College Students can find off-campus housing.

Historical Initiatives

Historical Initiatives are currently being worked on by the SGC Website Manager and SGC Historian.  Any inquiries can be sent to the Chief of Staff, at sgcchiefofstaff@ithaca.edu.

1920-xxxx: Reinstitution of Late Night Dining


1718-0003Article XIII Reform

1718-0003: Carbon Monoxide

1718-xxxxRemoval and Review of Article VIII

1718-xxxx: Humanities and Sciences Committee

1718-xxxxThe Health Professional Connection Shadowing  Program

1718-xxxx: Amendments to Appropriations Handbook 

1617-0001: Change SGA Name to SGC

1617-0002: Alternative Coffee Bill

1617-0004: Sanctuary Bill

1617-0006: Bill Structure Reform

1617-0007: Allocations Committee Reform

1617-0008: International Student Support

1617-0009: Allocations Committee Reform II

1617-0011: Menstrual Products Bill

1617-0012: ICC Theme Consolidation Bill

1617-0014: CAPS Initiative

1617-0015: Plastic Bag Replacement

1617-0016: Turf Yavits Field