SGC Funding Workshops

SGC Funding Workshops are a required part of the funding process through the Appropriations Committee.  Individuals submitting budgets on behalf of their student organization must attend an SGC Funding Workshop prior to submitting their budget.  These workshops, presented by the SGC Vice President of Business & Finance and the Assistant to the Vice President of Business & Finance, offer an overview of the Allocations Handbook, different types of budgets, how to create & submit a budget, and the Appropriations Committee meeting.   

While the submitter of the budget is required to attend this workshop, other organization members are welcomed and encouraged to attend to better gain an understanding of the SGC Funding Process, as knowledge of this process is beneficial to all who are involved in the student organization.   

To access the workshop, watch this video, and then fill out this form.  You must score a 9/10 on the form in order to receive funding from SGC.

Please contact the SGC VP of Business & Finance ( or the Assistant to the VP of Business & Finance ( with any questions or concerns.