The Senate

The Senate of Student Governance Council serves to develop initiatives on issues on campus. There are Senators for various constituences on campus, including two Senators for each academic classs, one Senator for each academic school, and more. The Senate votes on bills during SGC meetings to make change to Ithaca College.


Senators shall have the following duties:

  1. To conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner in meetings.
  2. To give regular Senator Reports on their constituencies and committee work.
  3. To have a working knowledge of campus issues and to disseminate information to their constituencies.
  4. To engage with their constituencies in order to relay information to and from SGC.
  5. To serve on at least two committees.
  6. To have a working knowledge of The Constitution.
  7. Academic Senators shall meet with their respective Deans at least twice a semester.
  8. Academic Senators shall serve on Academic Policy Committee.
  9. The Varsity Athlete Senator will function as the primary student liaison between SGC and the Student-Athlete Advisory Council.
  10. The Students of Color Coalition Senator will function as the primary liaison between SOCC and SGC and will be mandated to go to general body meetings.
  11. The Graduate Senator is responsible for reporting on Graduate Council meetings at their regular Senator Report.

Meet The Senate

The Senate is comprised of 25 positions representing various constituencies at Ithaca College. Click on any card below to contact the student in the position listed, or contact sgcsenatechair@ithaca.edu for any inquiries about open positions!