Operational Budget


  • An operational budget is used to request funding for any expenses, materials, products, food, etc. that a student organization needs to function as an organization.
  • This budget is NOT used to request money for an event, fundraiser, or travel that your organization is planning.

Rules & Policies

  • General Rules & Policies
    • Each organization can only request one operational budget per semester (one for fall semester, and one for spring semester).
    • If an operational budget request totals $250 or under, or an organization has the same budget that has already been presented during the academic year, which has already been approved by the Appropriation Committee, the organization has the opportunity to “opt-out” of presenting to the Appropriations Committee. Student organizations that are requesting funding for the first time this academic school year must come present to the committee even if it qualifies as an opt-out.
    • Fall operational budgets can be requested between Block IV of the previous academic year, and the last day of Block II of the current academic school year.
    • All funds allocated for a Fall Operational Budget must be spent in the fall semester or they will be taken out of the student organizations account and be returned to SGC.
    • Spring operational budgets can be requested between Block II of the current academic year, and the last day of Block IV of the academic year.
    • All funds allocated for the Spring Operational Budget must be spent in the spring semester or they will be taken out of the student organizations account and returned to SGC.
  • Food Purchases
    • SGC provides a list of common food items and prices called the “Suggested Price List”. It is not required that this list is referenced when creating a budget, but may be used instead of other supporting information.
    • Must meet with CES if you are getting catering - must provide a quote for your meeting as supporting documentation for the prices.
    • SGC will only fund food for up to two meetings per operational allocation.
    • SGC will fund a minimum of a 15% tip for any food that SGC is already planning to fund.
  • Material Purchases
    • Items that will be purchased for use within an organization may be covered in full by SGC funds. Such items include tabling materials, office supplies, and decorations if they are not provided by the Student Activities Center. These items are expected to stay within the organization for future use.
    • SGC will not fund membership fees associated with membership such purchases include individual membership fees, chapter fees, and membership dues.
    • SGC will not fund the purchase of items that are intended for personal use. Although these items may be used for the organization, they will be kept by individual members and will not benefit the organization as a whole.
    • SGC will only fund t-shirts if the use of the t-shirts align with the organization’s mission statement and serves a purpose that would benefit the greater good of the campus community.
    • SGC will not fund the purchases equipment due to the availability of various types of equipment here at Ithaca College. The purchase of equipment for internal use within an organization will not be funded by SGC. If an organization wishes to purchase equipment, it must find alternative means to do so.
    • SGC will not fund the creation, maintenance, or anything else in regards to an organization’s personal website.
  • Print Publication Magazine Materials
    • Print Copy Amount
      • SGC will only fund printed copy amounts limited by amount per cycle and amount per semester per year:
        • ​​​​​​​A maximum of 500 copies will be funded per cycle.
        • A maximum of 1,500 copies will be funded per semester.
    • Website
      • If a student organization decides to request funding from SGC for the following, this decision must be implemented for a full calendar year.
      • If the website (SquareSpace, WordPress, etc.), and supporting website subscriptions (Issue, etc), aligns with the print publication student organization’s mission and is deemed essential to operate, provided that Ithaca College’s website does not support their needs, we will fund an external website for them if:
        • ​​​​​​​The student organization will print no more than 750 copies per semester for the full academic year (allowing a total of 1500 per academic year)
        • Student organizations will not be required to follow a specific cycle cap.
        • Websites must be funded for the full year.
    • Distribution Breakdown
      • Before receiving funding for publications, the student organizations must complete a breakdown for the amount of copies and the locations of where the publications will be distributed. (i.e. Campus Center 2nd floor lobby: 50 copies...)