The Summer College for High School Student program provides students with authentic undergraduate academic experiences as we reimagine what "residence life" looks like online.

Residence Life Staff

College-age, continuing Ithaca College students act as mentors and orientation leaders and assist with online recreational programs in the evenings and on weekends.

Co-curricular and Recreational Activities

The director, residential coordinator, and college-age resident advisers (RAs) work with students to create a variety of remote co-curricular and social activities designed to connect students with one another outside of class. 

In addition to social events and community-building within the precollege student community, precollege students will also be welcomed into virtual social and community events simultaneously scheduled for the entire Ithaca College campus community, including more than 600 incoming first-year students and 2,900 continuing undergraduate students who will also be taking classes online at the same time. These full-campus events include opportunities like yoga and meditation classes, industry expert panel discussions, virtual salons, musical performances, and poetry readings.


In order to ensure a safe learning environment, all summer college participants are required to abide by Ithaca College policies and procedures, even online.

Disability Accommodation

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodation should contact Student Accessibility Services at SAS@ithaca.edu. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.

Other Pre-College Programs

In addition to Summer College, Ithaca College offers a variety of pre-college programs during the summer months. To learn more, visit: ithaca.edu/oes/precollege_programs/

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