Introduction to Business

Taught by John Vongas, Assistant Professor of Management in Ithaca College's School of Business.
3 credits

For students considering a career in the corporate world, starting their own company, or seeking to learn how business and society affect one another.

Get a jump on choosing your major. Learn which aspects of business most appeal to you.

This course provides students with an overview of the world of business, its management, and its economic, political, and social environment. It promises to explore students to the role of business within their lives, whether they are consumers, employees, or even managers. Particular emphasis will be in the areas of finance, accounting, human resource management, production/operations, marketing/sales, and their interdependence.

Students earn three credits in MGMT 11100 Introduction to Business.

NOTE: Students who plan to attend Ithaca College as business majors should not enroll in Introduction to Business. All first-year business students are required to enroll in World of Business (BINT 10100) in the fall. Students cannot receive credit for Introduction to Business and World of Business.

Get ready for the workplace.

Discover what success in business means to you. Professor Vongas will guide you to gain a deeper understanding of the professional world, explore different industries, and develop a competitive skill set with a focus on creative, collaborative thinking.