Earning College Credit

Jumpstart your undergraduate studies by earning college credit during the Summer College Program.

Will I receive college credit?

Students participating in the Summer College for High School Students earn three college credits.

Will these credits transfer to a different undergraduate institution?

Credits earned during Summer College are accepted at Ithaca College and are usually transferable to other colleges. Each institution, however, has its own credit transfer policies. When applying or when accepted to your future undergraduate institution, contact their academic advising office to see which courses will transfer.

Students playing a card game.

Grades and unofficial transcripts are available online by logging into HomerConnect with your Netpass credentials.

If you require an official transcript, you can order them through the Office of the Registrar.

Your Ithaca College ID number was provided to you in your Netpass Activation email.

What if I cannot remember my ID number or my password?

If you cannot remember your Ithaca College ID number, contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@ithaca.edu.

If you forgot your Netpass password to sign into HomerConnect, you can reset it by clicking here or contact the Information Technology service desk by email at servicedesk@ithaca.edu or call 607-274-1000.