Did you know that only 27% of working adults have a career that matches their college major? How about that the hottest major for getting into med school right now is NOT in the natural sciences?

In this one-week workshop you will learn how to research potential majors minors, careers and extra-curriculars that match your values, interests and personality. You’ll learn what a major does and doesn’t do for you, and complete a personalized inventory of your interests to discover majors and careers that could be perfect, but that you didn’t even know exist!

You will also talk with real college students about what campus life is really like. You’ll learn strategies for decision making and putting fear of failure in its place, and get a better sense of the skills you have, and the ones you will need to develop to rock the transition to college. Best off all, you will develop a personal plan for the coming school year that will set you up for maximum success in college.

Prof. Elizabeth Bleicher is the director of the Exploratory Program for students who come to Ithaca College to discover their major and their passions. She teaches in the English Department, as well as the Exploratory and Honors programs, and has over 20 years of experience helping young adults figure out what they want to do with their lives.