For future cinematographers, physical therapists, chemists, graphic designers, and beyond.

This course introduces 3D modeling and animation using virtual reality technology. Students will design, model, and animate characters for use in games, animation and 3D printing.

No technology prerequisites are required.

One of the most significant challenges to 3D modeling in the past was the simple fact that screens are two dimensional. Adding virtual reality to the sculpture process makes designing three-dimensional characters and environments much faster and more natural. 

Once students have designed their characters, they will learn to rig them with internal skeletons and animate them. Students will render their characters in a 3D printed form to take home, in a 2D animated video, and for a virtual reality. The central learning goal is for students who love animation to be able to leave the class with enough knowledge of animation processes to self-teach at home.

The Instructor

Dr. Edd Schneider is an Associate Professor in the Communication Management and Design program in the Park School of Communications. He teaches design and development courses focused on visual communication. His most recent conference presentations were at Game Developer’s Conference, Star Wars Celebration, and the San Diego Comic Con.