All participants who have verified their attendance in the Summer College for High School Students by the June 15 (extended) payment deadline will receive a detailed participant email about what to expect.

In the meantime, these FAQs will help answer your questions.


I understand I have to complete some required forms. Where can I find them and when are they due?
Several forms are required for participation. Participant forms are due by June 15. (Medical and Menigitis forms are no longer required for the online program, All other participant forms are required.) Completed forms can be found on the landing page of your parent/guardian account LOGIN. Or they are downloadable here. They can be uploaded directly to your account. They can also be scanned and emailed to: summercollege@ithaca.edu, or faxed to: 866-924-6272.


What is the course schedule for the program?
Students will engage with faculty and one another regularly during the week in a variety of online formats, and most instruction will be asynchronous with deadlines for participation, peer-to-peer engagement, and assignment submission throughout each week. As a reminder, there are no advance-scheduled meeting times. However, some faculty members may decide, based on students' schedules, to meet synchronously for one-on-one, small group work, or class discussions.

Outside of class, pre-college students will have the chance to connect remotely with one another, and IC first-year and continuing sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a variety of noncredit academic activities, social events, and performances coordinated by academic and student affairs offices across Ithaca College. The IC Event Calendar will be one place where cross-campus, online events will be posted. A team of dedicated Residential Advisors (RAs) will be working to connect Summer College students with one another and the larger IC community.

Do I need a computer?
Internet access is required for participation. Although students may use their phones to engage with faculty, their peers, and the course content, computers will be helpful (if not necessary) for completing assignments.

How do I access IC's online systems?
Classes will be administered using Sakai, the college's online learning platform (sakai.ithaca.edu), and scheduled meetings will likely rely on ZOOM, embedded in IC's Sakai platform. Information for accessing the college's online systems will be delivered via email the week before your course begins. Students will receive an IC ID number and an activation email from the Registrar's Office (homer@ithaca.edu) with the next steps for activating your Ithaca College system and ithaca.edu login credentials.

Will my course have a textbook that I need to purchase in advance?
Textbook requirements can be found here.

Who is in charge?
A residential coordinator is in charge of non-academic portions of the program including "residence life." A staff of "resident assistants" (RA), in addition, will be working with students during the program. This team of RAs is closely supervised by both the residential coordinator and the program director. The program director, Warren Schlesinger, also has specific responsibility for academics and academic advising. 

The Office of Extended Studies can be reached at 607-274-3143 during normal business hours – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

No IC ID # Required!

If a form requests an Ithaca College ID number, leave the space blank. We'll complete that field on your behalf once IC ID#s are issued.