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Summer college gives you the chance to experience the kind of uncommon and inventive courses you’ll take as an undergraduate. Open your mind, unleash your creativity, and start your college life early at IC.
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Summer 2024
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Take your first steps toward college by spending this summer living and learning on the Ithaca College campus in beautiful Ithaca, NY
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Complete one undergraduate course specially designed to further develop your curiosity about the communications, environmental sciences, health, or the natural science fields. You will learn hands-on about getting to college, succeeding in the classroom, and making the most of life outside of classes under the guidance of supportive faculty and Resident Advisors (or "RA's"). Our RA's are peer leaders who encourage community-building, peer-to-peer connection, and who provide regularly-scheduled social activities when you are not in class.

We are strongly committed to racial equity and inclusiveness. Both white-identifying students and students of color are engaged throughout the program in conversations that explore race, antiracism, and what it means to be in an inclusive classroom. Aligned with Ithaca College's mission to Educate, Engage and Empower through Theory, Practice, and Performance, students not only talk about racial equity, they get the chance to live it, too.

Plan to arrive on campus to begin your summer college adventure on Sunday, July 14 with coursework occurring Monday, July 15 thru Friday, August 02, 2024

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Summer College for High School Students
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