Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

  • The non-refundable application fee of $50 is due with the application.
  • The deposit ($350 for Intermediate, $600 for High School), is due upon acceptance.  You will submit this deposit using the online payment module in your online account.
  • You can always make your own payments online by credit card. Please log into your account to make these payments at your convenience.
  • The tuition is due in full by June 1.  The full tuition will be due upon acceptance for any applications received after May 15.
  • All required forms must be submitted by June 5. There is a $100 Late Fee charged for required forms submitted after June 10.

When you submit an SMA application, we ask for the email address of the student’s music teacher.  Once we receive your application, we will contact the music teacher directly, by email, and request that they complete our online recommendation form.

Rooming and Packing Questions

The SMA Parent-Camper Handbook includes a suggested list of items to pack.  The handbook will be available after finishing registration, usually by May. Contact us at if you would like to see the packing list prior to the handbook's release.

Please see the handbook for the list of what to bring, what not to bring, and many other important points of information.

We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE students from bringing Laptops, iPads, tablet computers, etc. to the SMA. The SMA assumes no responsibility for these devices if brought to the program. To ensure the students at the SMA reap the full benefits of our program, we want to limit the use of these devices. Therefore, a student found with any of these devices outside of the dorm area will have it confiscated until the conclusion of the SMA. Internet access is not available in the dorms.

Cell Phones are allowed at camp in the dorms so that students may call home in the evenings. However, students WILL NOT be allowed to use them during performances, rehearsals, or electives without explicit permission from the SMA faculty.

Yes! Roommate requests are handled directly through our camp website.  Students will be housed at two students per room.  Triples are not allowed.  One roommate may be requested by mutual consent. We cannot guarantee all roommate requests, but do our best to honor them.

Unfortunately, the dorms do not have air conditioning.  We suggest that you bring a fan with you to Ithaca!

Yes, washers and dryers are available in the dorms, free of charge.  If students plan to do laundry while at SMA, they should bring their own detergent and any other supplies.

Form Questions

New York State requires a number of forms for all summer camps. All forms can be uploaded via your camper's Form Portal online. This will only be accessible once the SMA tuition deposit has been paid.

A form collecting a variety of health information about your camper, which is provided to our nursing staff at SMA.

How Do I Complete This Form?

Complete this form by filling out the "Health Form" section of your camper's Accepted Registration. After completing, a "Download Health Form" button will appear on your camper's registration page. Print this document, and have your camper's physician review and sign this document.

A liability waiver required to be signed by campers and their parent/guardian. A physical signature is required.

How Do I Complete This Form?

Print a copy of this form and have it signed by both the camper and their parent/guardian. Scan or photograph this form, and upload the document to the Form Portal.

An immunization record showing recent immunization history is required for all campers. Please upload a copy of an immunization report from the student's physician.

How Do I Complete This Form?

Request a copy of your camper's immunization history directly from their doctor/physician. Upload a digital copy of this document to your camper's Form Portal.

An informational regarding meningococcal meningitis required for overnight camps spanning seven (7) nights or longer. This is only required for the High School division.

How Do I Complete This Form?

Download a copy of the MM Form, sign, and upload. This can be signed digitally.

A camper Photo used by staff and counselors to identify students.

How Do I Complete This Form?

Upload a recent photo of your student. This does not need to be a professional photo.

Other Questions

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any late arrivals, early departures, or combinations therein.  All students must be available for 100% attendance at the SMA program.

To carpool to SMA with another family, the camper's parent/guardian must submit a written notification to with their approval to do so, as well as the name of who will be transporting their camper.

Finally, a camper cannot carpool to SMA with another family if they have medicine that needs to be checked in with the nurses.

All students will be provided with an SMA shirt for the final performance. Students should bring black bottoms (dress pants or skirt), to wear with their SMA shirts.

Unfortunately, since we are a residential program, we do not offer a commuter option. This is primarily due to the busy daily schedule, as well as the evening activities that are a major part of the SMA experience.

No. The college bookstore uses a separate payment system that does not interact with our own.

Forms are uploaded directly to your online account, or sent in via Fax/Mail (information available on your account).  You can log into your account by clicking on “Manage Account” from our website, and you can monitor your required forms by checking the Form Status bar on your students "Accepted" registration.  Please check there before calling or writing to confirm receipt.  Please wait a few days before double-checking about your forms, as forms are manually reviewed and confirmed.  All forms are due by June 5! There is a $100 Late Fee charged for required forms submitted after June 10.

Note: Due to new Ithaca College policy, forms missing after June 15 will result in the revocation of admission to the Summer Music Academy. This revocation will forfeit the camper's enrollment deposit.

Yes! Students may receive mail by sending letters/packages to the address below. Please do not send letters/packages after the Tuesday prior to the last day of SMA.

Summer Music Academy
[Student’s Name]
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Other Questions?

Many questions can be answered in the Parent-Camper Handbook, which will be available in the weeks ahead. Until then, please reach out to us directly so we can answer your question – who knows, it might even end up on our FAQ page!