Audition Information

Scholarship Auditions

To be considered for the Talent Scholarship or Performance Track, students must submit a video-recorded audition online. These materials should be uploaded to a site, such as YouTube, then shared via the SMA application. Video auditions are required only for Talent Scholarship & Performance Track applicants. Talent Scholarship and Performance Track audition materials must be submitted no later than May 1

Note: If you do not have the audition materials ready by the time you submit your application, please fill out the Talent Scholarship and Performance Track Application.

Audition Requirements

  • Performance Track Applicants should prepare three pieces of contrasting styles.
  • Talent Scholarship Applicants should prepare two pieces of contrasting styles. Additionally, instrumentalists should prepare three scales (major and/or minor).
  • Students Applying for Both should prepare three pieces of contrasting styles, and instrumentalists should also prepare three scales (major and/or minor).


Vocal auditions must be performed with accompaniment. Instrumental auditions must be unaccompanied.

Ensemble Auditions

On the day of arrival, students will meet privately with faculty to perform a brief audition to determine seating placement within ensembles and chamber groups.

  • Orchestra: The 2023 HS Orchestra Audition Packet is available here.
  • Wind Ensemble: Wind players and percussionists should plan to perform a solo or etude of their choice. Contrasting musical material (technical and lyrical styles) is preferred. Scales (chromatic through the range of the instrument/major and minor) and rudiments (percussion) may be heard. Sight-reading might also be part of the audition process and will be determined by the individual faculty member.
  • Jazz: Please prepare 1-2 solo pieces, plus all known scales/rudiments. Sight-reading may also be required.
  • Voice: Vocal students will not have an audition, just a 'voice check' to confirm range, etc. Therefore, no prepared material is necessary.

See more about when the placement auditions will take place on the check-in schedule.

file-outline SMA 2023 HS Orchestra Audition Excerpts - 2023 ICSMA HS Audition Excerpts.pdf (1021.32 KB)

Audition excerpt packet for SMA 2023 HS Orchestra campers.