Josh Oxford

Introduction to Composition, Fascinatin' Rhythm: New Concepts in Musical Time

Man playing the piano

Electronisist Josh Oxford, born in 1985,  is a composer, arranger, and performer of myriad styles of music. He has performed throughout the world, especially in his native central New York, on piano, percussion, and Moog synthesizer.  After suffering a debilitating car crash in 2010, Josh has devoted his energy to composing.  His music can be heard on releases from Aaron Tindall, Frank Gabriel Campos, Tim Winfield, Lindsey Goodman, Yung-Ju Pan and on the debut CD of his band The OXtet. He holds degrees from Arizona State University, Ithaca College, and Queens College, where he was awarded The ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship.

Introduction to Composition

Fascinatin' Rhythm: New Concepts in Musical Time