Abby Ferri

RA, Wind Ensemble

Person smiling while holding flute in hand
  • Name: Abby Ferri
  • Instrument: Flute
  • Degree/Year In School: Music Education, Class of 2020
  • # of Years at SMA: 6 - one year as a camper, one year as a CIT, three years as a counselor, and this year I am the Band RA!
  • Favorite Thing/Memory From SMA: One of my favorite things about SMA is the bonds that are created from the camp, everyone is so passionate about music and that feeling is contagious - I am still close with some people I went to SMA with years ago. We really create a SMAmily! :) 
  • Hobbies: When I am not teaching music, I love to play volleyball, scroll through Tik Tok for hours and get my Animal Crossing Island to 5 stars. 
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry's Half Baked