Welcome to Summer College!

In Ithaca College's residential pre-college summer program, high school students experience college life and college-level courses while living in a safe environment.

The Summer College for High School Students has two program offerings, each with courses designed and reserved expressly for pre-college students.

ONE WEEK SESSION: June 23 - 28, 2019

THREE WEEK SESSION: June 30 - July 19, 2019

Students love their classes, stay up late, and enjoy trips, picnics, movies, concerts, talent shows, and other events both planned and spontaneous. Most importantly, our summer college alumni report they were better prepared for a successful transition to college. And many students appreciate the opportunity to earn college credit in their academic courses.

Credits earned during the three-week summer college program are accepted at Ithaca College and normally transferable to other colleges. Students who attend the one-week session earn a certificate of completion.

We hope you'll be able to join us for a one-week or three-week session (or both!) this summer and become part of our summer college community.

Applications open January 15th.

musical theater student
Visiting the Schuler Foundation in Chicago
Schuler Scholars

Ithaca College was invited to Chicago by the Schuler Foundation to meet students interested in college prep. IC provides substantial scholarships to approximately 40% of Summer College's student population, most of whom are likewise sponsored by organizations like the Schuler Foundation.