Three Week Courses At A Glance

General Psychology

General Psychology

What makes us tick?

An introduction to the study of behavior, this course focuses on the influences of physiological, cognitive, social, and personality factors as they pertain to behavior and includes discussion of the major theories in psychology and related research.

Taught by Kathryn Caldwell, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

3 credits.

In Professor Caldwell's words....

I have taught in the Psychology department of Ithaca College since 2005. Previously, I worked as a Research Associate for Casey Family Programs in Seattle, and as a Research Associate for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Study of Early Childcare at the University of Washington.

My current research involves the application of psychology, including Community-Based Social Marketing approaches, to understanding and promoting the antecedents of sustainable behavior choices. I have a 3-year contract with NYSERDA to study the effects of social marketing techniques in the private home retrofit sector for promoting homeowner energy conservation behaviors. I am also engaged in a collaborative intervention research project focused on promoting healthy, sustainable food systems and behaviors on campus.

In my teaching, I emphasize the relevance of psychology to the lives of students, encouraging them to become critical, “systems” thinkers and self-aware, caring citizens. I integrate issues of sustainability in my teaching, challenging students to consider what motivates conservation behavior, how the natural world impacts well-being, and the impact of vocational and lifestyle choices on the community and environment.