Kelly Dietz

Assistant Professor, Politics

Kelly Dietz in a garden

Name: Kelly Dietz

Home department(s): Politics.

What was your undergraduate major? Japanese Language; Asian Studies.

What did you study in graduate school? Japanese Studies; Political Sociology.

Why do you teach in the Exploratory Program? If I ruled the school, all students would enter IC as exploratory students. The program makes genuine space for students to reflect on what is meaningful to them. It also encourages students (and reminds me!) to think of exploring as a life-long endeavor.

What are your interests outside of school? Gardening, farming, food preservation (canning, fermenting, etc), politics, and military policy.

Why did you choose Ithaca College? Two things came together for me at IC. First, for personal reasons, I wanted to stay in the Finger Lakes area. Second, the college emphasizes teaching, and my department gives me tremendous flexibility to teach about the topics I am most interested in. I stay here because the students are great. I always learn a lot as I work through topics with students in my courses. I also really enjoy my work as an advisor, getting to know students outside of class and observing their growth over their college career.

What is one fun thing people do not know about you? I had a radio show in Japan.