The creative arts perspective focuses on how people use their skills and imagination to express themselves creatively. In CA courses, you will examine the methods and materials used in various kinds of art—performances, written works, visual pieces, and structures. You will gain an understanding of theoretical, social, political, economic, and historical contexts surrounding works of art. CA courses will give you an understanding of how creativity comes to life through art, and how creative works can evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, or guide actions and beliefs.


THEA 19600 U.S. Social Activist Theatre and Performance

Theatre scholars and practitioners alike are engaged by questions of how politics and performance combine to produce or influence social change. This course is a combination of history, theory, and praxis exploring the potential of social activist theatre and performance. Students explore the U.S. history and defining theories of contemporary Theatre for Social Change before developing their own performances.

Students are introduced to the constitutive elements of all theatre practice before evaluating the components, intentions, and possible efficacy of a variety of U.S. performances, engaging social issues such as racism, classism, gender and sexuality equality, and environmental concerns. Additionally, students will be guided through the process of creating works of theatre for social change.

ICC Creative Arts courses include:

Reading Buildings

Rock Styles since 1955


Understanding Art

Women in Music