How To Swap Add and Drop a Class

By Registrar, April 13, 2022

How To Swap Add and Drop a Class

Hi everyone i'm going to be talking a little bit about the swap add and drop feature that we can use during registration and why it's a helpful tool the reason that we advise using the swap add and drop function rather than just dropping a class and then adding a class separately is because using the swap add and drop make sure that you still have a c in the class that you're dropping just in case you aren't able to get into the new class that you want to take so for whatever reason if you can't get into the new class you still are able to maintain your status and have a seat in the old class so let's get started.

First you're going to go to homer connect and select registration and planning then you'll choose register for classes and select the term in which you want to change your schedule for this example we are going to use summer 2022 add drop is typically used when you want to exchange one class that you are currently registered for for another that you are not registered for the first step in this process is to find the class that you would like to join whether that means doing an advanced search for the class or entering that class's crn otherwise known as course reference number

once you've registered for that class your status will say pending the next thing you're going to do is press swap add and drop and select drop web for the other class that you would like to draw in exchange for the new class then you'll press submit once you've done this you'll be put into the new class and taken out of the old one as long as there's a seat available and no restrictions.

That's all hope this helps.