Helpful Tips for Registration

  1. Timestamps for registration can be found under Registration Notifications in the upper right hand corner of Homer Connect.
  2. Park students DO NOT NEED A RAC!
  3. Be sure you hit the SUBMIT button when adding a class. If it says PENDING- that means you are NOT registered!
  4. Waitlist IS NOT A GUARANTEE! Watch the other sections, in case a seat opens up.
  5. Course Overrides WILL NOT allow you to go over cap in a class! They will only lift restrictions for pre-requisites, class standing or major/minor restrictions. If a class is at capacity and a course override is approved, you will only be able to register for the waitlist, if there are still openings.
  6. Capacity Overrides- If you feel that a class that is full is imperative to graduate on time, please email commdeansoffice@ithaca.edu with your student information, along with the course information (including course subject and number) that you are requesting.
  7. Electronic forms including change of major/concentration and course override request can be found on IC Workflow. 

Helpful Hints for ICC

Wondering what courses will be offered for the ICC? ICC Worksheets

Must take 4 courses, plus an Ithaca Seminar for a total of 16 credits:

  • Must be in your chosen Theme (TIII, TIDE, TWOS, TMBS, TPJ, TQSF)
  • Creative Arts (CA), Humanities (HM), Social Science (SO) and Natural Science (SC)
  • Look at the Attributes for the class before you register!

Complete each of the following (some may be built into your major):

  • Writing Intensive (WI)
  • Diversity (DV)
  • Quantitative Literacy (QL)

Work on your e-portfolio as you go- don't wait until the week before graduation!


The dean’s list in the Roy H. Park School of Communications is made up of majors in each class who meet all the following criteria during the semester:

  • a minimum semester GPA of 3.70
  • completion of a minimum of 15 credits, of which at least 12 are graded, not pass/fail or Satisfactory/D/F option
  • no final grades of D, F, or I (incomplete)

The dean’s list status, awarded each semester, is based on a student’s semester GPA rather than the cumulative GPA for all semesters the student has attended Ithaca College.

                                           Want to create your own eight semester plan? Start HERE!

                                                                    *Television-Radio Area of Study Recommendations*

Staff and Faculty Advisors

All Park students are assigned a faculty member in their major to serve as their academic advisor.   

Want to change your major to one in the Park School?

Students who meet our minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 should log onto IC Workflow and complete the Change of Major form. The Chair and/or Program Director for your desired major will review your degree progress and may contact you for additional information before a decision is made.
* Please note: submission of the form does not guarantee entry into Park.

Need additional assistance?

Review the documents listed, or feel free to contact our Academic Services Coordinator, Kristin Morse.
337 Roy H Park Hall

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works with students to develop strategies for overcoming obstacles that might otherwise limit academic success. SAS partners with faculty, staff, and students to develop and implement accommodation plans that provide equal access to academic programs.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services offers free peer tutoring for Ithaca College students in over 50 courses. Students are matched with tutors who deliver academic support either through small and large Peer Learning Groups or through one-on-one sessions. Tutoring is offered as a supplement to other academic success strategies such as faculty office hours and course review sessions.