As a general rule, behave as politely and respectfully as you would in your normal life when on set. Be aware of work-in-progress, the space you are in, the roles of others, and the equipment around you.

  • Don't Run: Walk on set; do not run on a movie set under any circumstances, no matter how quickly something needs to be done or how high the pressure might be. A film set is a place of great artistic concentration, and, in addition, some crew members perform technically precise and delicate work. Hustle and bustle are therefore not only counterproductive, but it can also even be dangerous.
  • Be Quiet: To maintain a professional atmosphere where people can concentrate on their work, it is important not to shout or talk loudly or exaggeratedly. The only exceptions on set: the announcements of the assistant director or location manager.
  • Find a Position and Stay There: During a rehearsal or a take, the actors always play the same part, the camera films with the same movements and after each run all departments bring their work area back to where it was at the start. To make your life easier and avoid being a nuisance, don't stand somewhere different every time this process occurs. Find a position where you can follow the action and make your corrections after each take and stay there until the end of the shoot.
  • The Director Rules the Set: Director corrections always come first. After each rehearsal or take, all employees remain in their positions until the director has completed their corrections; only then should they bring their work area back to the starting point.
  • Understand Your Role and the Roles of Others: Every member of the crew has a defined role in the production process. Know your role and respect the roles of others.
  • Hands Off the Equipment of Other Departments: It doesn't matter if it's in the way or you need it right now - the equipment of other departments is off-limits. Equipment is not common property; it is managed on set by various departments. Before you use or touch anything, you should always ask for permission, even if you just want to clear it out of the way.