The Park School of Communications has several student awards and honors

Dean's List

Dean’s List

The dean’s list in the Roy H. Park School of Communications is made up of majors in each class who meet all the following criteria during the semester:

  • a minimum semester GPA of 3.70
  • completion of a minimum of 15 credits, of which at least 12 are graded, not pass/fail or Satisfactory/D/F option
  • no final grades of D, F, or I (incomplete)

The dean’s list status, awarded each semester, is based on a student’s semester GPA rather than the cumulative GPA for all semesters the student has attended Ithaca College.

Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society, Tau Theta chapter

Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). The organization sponsors scholarships and awards for deserving undergraduate students in the discipline. The Roy H. Park School of Communications’ Tau Theta chapter membership requires completion of at least 60 credit hours, with 12 or more credits in communications classes, as well as an overall GPA of 3.8 or above.

Graduation honors

Each degree program selects one or more students for special honors which are listed in the graduation program.  One or more students are also chosen for the Deans' Award at graduation; this honor is based on academic excellence along with a record of having both taken advantage of and having created important learning and service opportunities within the field.

Student and Faculty Writing awards

The Park School Faculty Writing Awards recognize exceptional scholarly, journalistic, and creative writing by Park School faculty. The deadline is typically at the end of January and will be formally announced in the fall semester. A panel of Park School faculty will judge entries and award a $500 prize for each of the following four categories:

1.  A published book

2.  A published essay in a scholarly journal

3.  Journalism, including articles published on the web, a blog, etc.

4.  Creative work, such as a film or television script (produced or non-produced)

The Park School Student Writing Awards recognize exceptional scholarly and creative writing by Park School students. A panel of Park School Faculty will judge entries and award a $500 prize for the following two categories:

1.  Essay (an academic paper or journalistic article)

2.  Creative writing (a screenplay, teleplay, or script)


1. Entrants must be current Park students for the current academic year.

2. Entries must have been written for a Park School class or Park-related student media organization in the previous academic year, summer, or fall semesters.