What's it like to learn online?

Lots of collaboration. No tests. Immediate application.

Our degree is designed for busy working professionals, often balancing out not only a demanding career but also a family.  You'll take one online course at a time over about 5 weeks.  You can access the content at any point - we intentionally do not schedule required webinars so that you can work around your own schedule.  Typically the courses are divided into several modules, with some deliverables such as a short paper or reflection along the way. 

Replacing the dialogue you'd have in a seminar class are online discussions which are an important part of your learning and grade.  This is where you'll take the information presented by the professor and in readings, engage in dialogue with your peers and the professor, and apply what you've learned to your job. 

Here's a sample dialogue between professor and student online:

Student: (director of multimedia content at a major cable network) For me, it does feel a bit unnatural to be relating my work experience to a theory or model and I will admit the dense style of the literature took some time to get used to. I do like that I am learning new terminology to apply to everyday situations though. In fact, I have a catch up with my boss tomorrow and I'm toying with the idea of sharing the Collaborative Maturity Model Matrix as a means for discussing some of the issues

Professor: Let us know how the conversation goes with your boss! Sometimes execs can be put off by academic-sounding jargon, but sometimes they appreciate something with 'research' around it to help them establish a decision.

Student (next day): It actually went really well. He asked to keep the copy of the model and we talked through what changes need to take place in order to move to 'de-conflicted.' I feel like it has helped me provide a new approach and understanding to a difficult situation.

Scott Sokol

"To be completely honest, it was challenging to balance the rigors of the program with the 24/7 nature of my job at MLB Network.  My first daughter, Allison, was also born in February of the year I completed the program, adding to what was on my plate.  Thankfully, true to its word, the program offered me all of the flexibility I need to prioritize my duties at home or at work, so long as I kept up with my course work.  This is something I always appreciated about the program, and something that makes it positively unique.  "  Scott Sokol  ‘16 – Director, Production Media Services, MLB  Major League Baseball

Ashley Patane

Ashley Patane ‘17 VP, Account Services and Media Strategy, allscopeDIRECT

““I refer to our coursework when brainstorming with my teams in a staff meeting, when presenting a media plan to clients, when proposing a new technological solution, and when considering how to drive innovation at my company and for my clients.” 

Angela Chambers

Angela Chambers ‘94, MS ‘16 Sr. Editorial Producer/BET News, Viacom 

“The Communications Innovation program has provided me the opportunity to meet work challenges through a new and more modern lens. This is crucial if I want to remain competitive and help my company grow and produce smart content.”