The Biomechanics Lab is equipped with a Peak Motus Motion Analysis System operating with 5 normal speed cameras, 3 Photron high-speed digital cameras, and a two-camera pan and tilt system. The Lab has two AMTI force plates with a 50-foot walkway operating with custom software programs written in LabView and Matlab. The Biomechanics Lab and Neuro Lab share two Biopac EMG systems with passive and active electrodes. The video, force plate, and EMG system can all be synchronized.

The research focus of the lab is human movement analysis, including athlete performance and patient physical function and dysfunction. Ongoing research projects include studying the biomechanics of figure skating jumps and throws and landing mechanics during stop and go tasks. Students have been supported by grants from the International Olympic Committee analyzing data for two figure skating projects from the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics and from United States Figure Skating helping collect and analyze data from the 2003 Grand Prix Finals. Other projects include studying the effects of fatigue on landing mechanics to see how fatigue might affect injury mechanisms.