The ‘Neuro’ lab houses equipment used to measure human movement, coordination, and psychophysiological behavior. This lab joins with the biomechanics lab to provide a large space suitable for some activities normally reserved for outdoors. Neuro lab equipment includes multiple sets of electromyographic (EMG) equipment, a NewTest Powertimer to measure jump height and power output, numerous types of apparatus to measure reaction time and motor behavior, electrogoniometers and accelerometers to measure kinematics, anthropometric measurement devices, and various force gauges and dynamometers to measure strength and power. One of our most used pieces of equipment is our new Fusion Sport SmartTimer system. This system is wireless and portable, and we have taken it to the indoor fieldhouse (A&E Center) for testing on the indoor track.

Recent projects in the lab have focused on mind-body issues and have been done in conjunction with our sport psychology faculty. These projects include assessment of personality and exercise preferences; examination of psychophysical exercise performance, body awareness, and body esteem; mood states in indoor vs. outdoor exercise; psychomotor performance and fitness; and assessment of kinesthesia and proprioception. Agility testing and talent ID have also been popular topics.

Speed and Agility Testing

The Smart Timer system is shown above set up on the campus indoor track facility at the new Arts and Events Center (A&E Center). This photocell timing and reaction system can be tied into a pressure mat, and configured in numerous ways to assess speed, agility, and power. Our student can have access to all of our labs and all of our equipment to explore and discover. The possibilities are endless!