Teacher Inquiry Conference Program

Friday, June 23rd from 9am to 2:30pm in the Park Center for Business

Zoom Links for Student Presentations in Park Center Rooms 103 and 104:

Park Center Room 103

Park Center Room 104

8:30-10:15, Welcome, Opening Remarks & Keynote

Park Center for Business, Lobby

9:00-9:15    WELCOME/OPENING REMARKS: Dr. Shuzhan Li, Assistant Professor of Education

Park Center for Business, Room 111

9:15-10:15   INTRODUCTION OF KEYNOTE: Dr. Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Programs in Education 
Park Center for Business, Room 111

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Dr. Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Professor of Education
Park Center for Business, Room 111

10:25-11:15, Session #1

Park Center for business, Room 103

  • Olivia Capollela, English Education

        Making Connections Through Reading and Writing

  • Drew Cohn, Childhood Education

        Bringing Music and Sounds into the Everyday Classroom

Park Center For Business, Room 104 

  • Alejandro Garcia, Social Studies Education

         Gamifying Instruction: Incorporating Games in an Educational Setting

  • Heather Ebbets, Childhood Education

         Morning Meaningful: Navigating SEL and the Curriculum

11:15-11:25, Break

11:25-12:15, Session #2

Park Center for Business, Room 103

  • Madeline Colbert, English Education

    Setting Boundaries for Success: Forming and Maintaining a Meaningful Classroom Community

  • Sophie Becraft, Childhood Education

    Teaching with Emotions

Park Center for Business, Room 104

  • Tori DiPietro, Agriculture Education

    Accessibility in Agriculture Education

  • Taylor Fried, Childhood Education

    Collaborative Learning, How is it Worth it?

12:15-1:00, Light Lunch, Park Center for Business, Second Floor Atrium

1:00-1:50, Session #3

Park Center for Business, Room 103

  • Evanne Gordon, Spanish Education

    School Can Be Hard: Encouraging Student Risk Taking in a Foreign Language Class

  • Cheyenne Nowalk, Agriculture Education

    Promoting Literacy Within Agriculture Education

Park Center for Business, Room 104

  • JeMee Pelland, Childhood Education

    Studying Marginalization to Help Students Better Understand Their Identities

  • Chris Park, Mathematics Education

    Learning How to Develop Self-Discipline Through Stress as an Educator

2:00-2:30, Closing Remarks: Dr. Peter Martin

Park Center for Business, Room 111

Clickable link to the entire program: