Community Partnerships

Do you enjoy working with children and watching them grow and learn? What special talents do you have to share with others? Do you enjoy being a part of a group of people who are committed to making our schools more inclusive? If so, then think about getting involved in our outreach programs.

Educational outreach is an important component of the work we do. As our mission statement reflects, we "value, support, and engage in collaboration, discussion, and dialogue with a variety of local and regional community partners..."

Core Community Partnerships and Programs:

Ithaca College students learn very early on in their studies with us that we are all responsible for helping to shape the education our children receive. Our public schools belong to us, and we share the task of helping all children learn to the very best of their abilities.

Outreach opportunities enrich the work we do in the classroom. They offer students the chance to put theory into practice, to learn from one another, from other educators, parents, and children - especially the children!

Whether it is assisting with a field trip to the Cayuga Nature Center or the Ithaca Science Center, or helping a child with math problems, our students are very present in area schools. Each year, our students and faculty volunteer thousands of hours of their time and talents to area schools.

Sponsored Community Grants for Local Teachers

The Ithaca College Department of Education facilitates the distribution of two grants for local educators.