The H&S General Education committee and the H&S Dean’s office are soliciting interest from H&S faculty to teach sections of IISP 49800 the H&S Core Curriculum Capstone. Each section of this one-credit, graded course will be capped at 18 students. We encourage faculty interested in this teaching opportunity to incorporate this course into their flexible faculty workload plans, but overload compensation is a possibility.

This capstone course satisfies the ICC capstone requirement, and is intended for H&S students whose programs or departments do not offer a capstone course through the major. This spring (2019), we will need around 6 or 7 sections (exact number still TBD). Scheduling the format and time of these sections is open at the moment, but it is important that we provide a number of formats and a number of sections outside of prime time, to facilitate enrollment for the wide variety of students who will need this course.

Filling out this form does not constitute a commitment, but allows you to indicate your interest and preferences, while details of the spring 2019 schedule are still being worked out. Please be sure to consult with your department chair about this possibility.

For more information, please contact Associate Dean Stacia Zabusky (