In summer 2022, 29 Scholars pursued creative and research projects with guidance from dedicated faculty mentors.

Summer Scholars complete online ePortfolios to document and reflect on the work they completed during the summer program. To see these portfolios, click on the links below.

Scholars with Independent Projects

Meabh Cadigan ’23
Mentor: Alexis Becker
[trans.], the Exeter elegies in translation

Cecil Decker ‘24
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Mentor: Kasia Bartoszynska
Queer Elements and Readings of Classic Literary Horror

Justin Foster ‘23
Screen Cultures
Mentor: Eric Steinschneider
Nirvana for a New Millennium: Post-secular Masculinity in The Matrix & Fight Club

Adam Grzelewski ‘23
Communication Studies
Mentor: Angela Rulffes
Frederick Douglass and an Antislavery Constitution

Kennedey Heichel ‘23
Mentor: Mary Turner DePalma
Using Behavior Change Models to Enhance Diabetes Self-Care

Brigid Higgins ‘23
Mentor: Karin Breuer
Masculinity, Tuberculosis, and Health Tourism inTransnational Perspective 1830-1890

Mia Loretto ‘23
Mentor: Rebecca Plante
Vulva Tyranny: An Examination of Social and Individual Factors that Impact the Perception of Female Anatomy

Jason Trafton ‘23
Mentor: Chip Gagnon
Russian Subversion of Western Institutions

Peter Walz ‘23
Mentor: Patti Capaldi
The Meaning of the Photographic Image

Scholars with STEM Projects

Ana Maria Arroyo ‘22
Environmental Studies
Mentor: Jason Hamilton

Emmett Barry ‘23
Computer Science
Mentor: Doug Turnbull

Zoe Davis ‘23
Mentor: David Gondek
How does Chlamydia affect the microbiome?

Elijah Ding ‘23
Mentor: Jamie Ellis
Fluorescence analysis of ARF-1 and ARF-5 DNA bound sites

Griffin Homan ‘25
Computer Science
Mentor: John Barr
"Porchfest Live" & ""

Ranjini Iyengar ‘25
Mentor: Scott Ulrich

Lilly Johnson ‘25
Mentor: Becky Craig

Mikolaj Konieczny ‘24
Mentor: Colleen Countryman
Development of Instructional Physics Simulations

Yash Mohod ‘25
Computer Science & Applied Physics
Mentor: Matthew Sullivan
Finding the Charge Carriers Inside Copper

Eirene Omoniyi ‘25
Mentor: Mike Haaf
Synthesis of the Furniture Beetle Pheromone

Alex Powell ‘24
Mentor: Matthew Sullivan
Threshold Switching Stabilization of NbO2 Films via Nanoscale Devices

Sophia Roberts ‘23
Mentor: Edward Cluett

Joey Rodas ‘24
Mentor: Ian Woods
Altering Gait Parameters in Tardigrades via Pharmacological Approaches

Melanie Sepulveda-Rosado ‘23
Environmental Studies
Mentor: Jason Hamilton
Communication of Honey Bee diseases, Parasites, and Viruses

Kamille Smith ‘23
Mentor: Nandadevi Cortes
Bioacoustic Analysis of Chickadee Calls

Noah Strathmann ‘24
Mentor: Scott Ulrich
Sulfonyl Pyrimidines as Glutaminase Inhibitors Targeting Cancer Cell Metabolism

April Trainor ‘25
Computer Science
Mentor: Doug Turnbull

Greta Unetich ‘23
Mentor: Nandadevi Cortes
Testing Different Procedures Using the DNA of Streak-Backed Oriole (Icterus pustulatus) DNA to Amplify Nuclear Introns

Karley Whalen ‘23
Mentor: David Gondek
The impact of microbiome manipulation on immune responses to Chlamydia infection