Information for Students

In the Summer Scholars Program, students will have transformative experiences working in partnership with a faculty mentor.

Program Expectations

Regardless of your pathway, all scholars have the following responsibilities once accepted into the program:

  • Devote significant time and intellectual effort towards your project
    • The time commitment means you may not hold another paid position or have a significant volunteer commitment during the summer
    • You may take up to one week off once the program has begun
  • Reside in Ithaca to conduct your summer project unless your project requires you to be at another location in order to pursue it (e.g., research in archives located in another city)
  • Make substantial progress on your project — but you do not have to complete it during the summer period
    • Many students continue their projects in the semester(s) following the summer experience
  • Attend events organized as part of the Summer Scholars Program
  • Submit a final report, including both written reflections on the summer experience and a description of your project
    • Final reports are due at the end of your summer experience
  • Present a poster about your summer experience as part of a campus event in the following academic year

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have a major within the School of Humanities & Sciences
  • You must be continuing your studies in an H&S major either on campus or in an affiliated study-away program the fall semester following the summer project
  • You must be in good academic standing, and hold a minimum GPA of 3.0, unless otherwise indicated by the department or faculty mentor
  • Your faculty mentor must be in an H&S department
  • You do not need to be financial aid eligible to receive an award
  • If you are financial aid eligible, you will automatically be considered for positions supported by the Dana Internship Program or the Emerson Humanities Collaboration Scholarship, depending on the type of project you will be pursuing
    • To be considered for these positions, you must have an up-to-date FAFSA form on file with Student Financial Services by February 1

Deadlines 2020

Application Deadline February 10, 2020
Awards Announced March 6, 2020
Confirmation by Student April 1, 2020