Faculty Mentors

Summer 2021

The H&S Summer Scholars Program for 2021 will have a revised timeline due to the challenging times we are in. Applications will be available at the end of January, due at the end of February. Check back for updates. 

H&S Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

To achieve the goals of the program and to facilitate the student outcomes, Summer Scholar Program faculty mentors are expected to:

  • Participate in faculty development opportunities to discuss best practices for effective mentoring of students;
  • Be available to their Summer Scholar(s) throughout the summer project period, and have regular meetings with them;
  • Encourage their Scholars to attend Summer Scholar activities;
  • Attend at least one Summer Scholar activity with their students, schedule permitting;
  • Design and give feedback on structured reflection to enhance Scholar learning and professional development;
  • Provide guidance to Scholar(s) as they prepare their final reports (due to the Dean's office before the start of classes in fall semester);
  • Provide their Scholar(s) with feedback on their poster presentation for a campus event in the following academic year. 

Additional Responsibilities of Faculty Mentors of Independent Projects

  • Mentors work closely with prospective scholars during the application process to develop strong project designs and effective proposals.
  • The program has a strong preference for mentors to be in Ithaca for more than half of the summer weeks that the Scholar is in residence. If a student approaches you about being a mentor during the summer and you expect to be away for most or all of the summer, please get in touch with us to discuss options. 
  • At the end of the summer, mentors complete a Feedback Form assessing the Scholar's work and the project experience.

Application Guidelines for Faculty Mentors

Mentors of Independent Projects 

Faculty mentors of scholars with self-designed projects in creative arts, education, humanities, policy, and social sciences are required to complete a separate Faculty Mentor Application. This application is combined with the Scholar's proposal and is considered by the Faculty Review Committee in their evaluation of the project proposals. 

Mentors of Projects in STEM and related fields

Faculty mentors in natural/behavioral sciences, math, and computer science with designated scholar positions do not have to provide additional materials as part of the application process. 

The Summer Scholar Applications asks students to identify the project or faculty member they would like to work on/with. Appropriate faculty will then be asked to review those Summer Scholar applications submitted by the deadline for students seeking to work in their labs/departments, and to make recommendations for awards, regardless of funding source (i.e., supported by H&S, external grants, department-based awards, and Dana Internship Program).

Deadlines 2021

Application Opens End of January
Application Deadline End of February