STEM Project Pathway

Novel and investigative research projects in a faculty-led lab or in the field

Award Process

Mentor with two scholars

Many faculty members in these departments are actively engaged in field and lab-based projects that involve students in immersive research every summer. Students who are interested in doing research in the STEM fields are encouraged to explore the different projects that Faculty Mentors in your department are currently working on.

Remote vs. in-person projects for summer 2021

This summer, we are relaxing the residency requirement that stipulates that Scholars must be in Ithaca during their time in the program. We fully expect that some projects this year will be pursued remotely, as long as both faculty mentor and student agree. It is the case, however, that some research projects can be pursued only in-person, in the laboratory environment or using technical equipment or software. These projects may not have a remote option and may be canceled, should pandemic restrictions continue to be in effect that limit or prohibit in-person research. Please consult with faculty mentors prior to applying or to accepting the award, to make sure you understand the feasibility of in person vs. remote research.

Disciplines Include

Each of these departments has at least one position available each summer, and often multiple positions are available.

Most departments expect students to participate in a faculty-organized project, but some also provide opportunities for students to develop their own projects with faculty oversight.

If you are interested in participating in a research project during the summer, be sure to consult the department's website for detailed information on which faculty are available to mentor summer projects. On the application, you will be invited to identify the faculty member or project you would like to work on. A committee composed of faculty in the relevant STEM department reviews applications and makes recommendations regarding award recipients.

Funding Sources for STEM Projects

Many positions are available to students regardless of financial need. The positions available through the H&S Summer Scholars Program include research projects supported by:

  • The H&S Science Research Fund
  • External grants awarded to IC Faculty through the NSF, NIH, or other agencies or foundations
  • Specific department-based scholarships
  • Ithaca College Dana Internship Program (for financial aid eligible students)

In order to receive consideration for a Dana Internship or other award requiring financial aid eligibility, you must have your FAFSA on file with Student Financial Services by February 15.


Please review the Program Expectations and Eligibility Requirements on Information for Students before submitting your application.  

All students apply to the H&S Summer Scholars Program via an online application form. 

To view a template of this year's application form, please click here.

Deadlines 2022 - Coming Soon

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