COVID 19 Information

Testing Rhythm and How to Access your IC Health Badge

Establishing a Testing Rhythm

As the semester gets going, you should be starting to establish a routine to your surveillance testing. All students living within Tompkins County whether on-campus, off-campus, commuting or studying fully remote must participate in testing twice per week. Students are encouraged to adopt a set schedule of Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday. All faculty and staff regularly accessing campus are required to participate in at least once per week testing. All samples should be turned in prior to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday in order to be counted for that day.

How to Access Your IC Health Badge

We recently launched the “IC Health Badge”, an easily accessible way for students to display compliance with staying up-to-date on completing your Daily Health Screening and surveillance testing. Students may be expected to display their badge when accessing particular on-campus spaces.

Access your IC Health Badge by visiting myichealthcenter.ithaca.edu. You must login using your IC Netpass email and password. Once on the landing screen, navigate to the tab which says “Show Badge” to display your current status. Be on the lookout for more information on this system in the coming days.