Through internships and independent study, students not only apply the theory they've learned in the classroom but they also gain practical experience that is invaluable for their future careers.

At this time, due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, only students with an internship opportunity that involves working remotely may submit an Internship Learning Contract to be registered in a credit-bearing internship course for fall 2020. No on-site internship opportunities will be considered until further notice.

For independent studies, use the Psychology Department Independent Study form.  Psychology department requires you to submit this form prior to the first day of classes during the semester when the independent study will take place. 

For internships, use the Psychology Department Internship Form.

Deadlines for Submission:  
The deadline for submission of the Independent Study Learning and Internship contracts form is prior to the first day of classes during the semester. The expectation is that all independent studies and internships are approved no later than the first day of the Add/Drop period.   Submit Independent Study Learning and Internship contracts to Maria Russell; mrussell@ithaca.edu

The Psychology Department Independent Study and Internship course numbers are:
PSYC 35100 - Independent Supervised Study (may be taken more than once; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 35200 - Independent Supervised Research (may be taken more than once; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 45000 - Internship in Psychology. (up to 12 cr.; Junior standing)   

PSYC 45100 - Advanced Independent Supervised Study (including honors studies (generally following PSYC 35100; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 45200 - Advanced Independent Supervised Research (including honors studies (generally following PSYC 35200; 1-5 cr.)

Forms 2020

file-outline Independent Study Form 2020 - psychology-independent-study-form-2020_0.pdf (1.45 MB)
file-outline Internship Form 2020 - psychology-internship-form-2020_2.pdf (466.36 KB)