Team EPIC (Emotional and Physiological Influences in Cognition)

Research Team 8
Supervised by Brandy Bessette-Symons
Office: 119-N Williams

Team EPIC explores the influence of emotion on cognitive processing.  Signal detection analysis is utilized in all of our studies to determine how emotion influences accuracy and response bias in recognition memory. Additionally, our team keeps current a meta-analytic database on emotional memory, which provides all members a foundational understanding of how to conduct and understand meta-analytic research. Current research projects affiliated with the team explore: the influence of emotion on reaction time in recognition memory decisions; the influence of processing focus on emotional memory differences; and the effect of varying response options on emotional recognition memory. Although our studies are currently behavioral and conducted exclusively with college students, we wish to begin collecting physiological EEG data as well as extend our studies to older populations in the upcoming semesters.