What is the AKD Honor Society?

A written invitation is sent to a select group of our sociology majors and minors who have demonstrated very strong academic performances at Ithaca College.  They will be asked to become a member.

To become an AKD member, please refer to the eligibility requirements listed below.  If eligible, one will need to fill out a application form accompanied with a $50 membership fee payment.  

Why join AKD?   Becoming a member provides you with advantages described below.  Among which, the benefit of further establishing your dedication to sociology and academic success to employers (adding this distinguished accomplishment to your resume); graduate programs; or other interested parties. One's membership offers funding opportunities to attend conferences; a subscription to the journal, Sociological Inquiry; and even an entitlement to substantial pay increases if you become a government employee.  

Here is the link for further information:  http://alphakappadelta.org/.